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By admin / September 27, 2021

A construction radio is a device with FM antennas and tuners, the main task of which is radio reception and broadcasting of programs or music through powerful speakers. At a time when the work process is in full swing at different enterprises or construction sites, it is necessary to somehow cheer up workers and dilute the routine of the workman. One of the main outlets is the music that people can afford during a challenging and stressful work process. However, not every simple column will be able to withstand the harsh conditions on a construction site. For such cases, there are construction radios, the design of which is perfect for difficult operating conditions, allowing it to be more resistant to sand, dirt, moisture, and diverse impacts. Such a receiver, due to the number and size of speakers, provides the highest quality sound at any volume.

An online store UK Planet Tools offers a wide selection of modern advanced radios from leading companies. It is possible to choose a Makita radio you need according to different criteria: voltage, number, and quality of speakers, type of power supply, level of protection, and availability of additional options.

In the market of radio receivers, the Makita company occupies an important place with its widest assortment of the best Makita dab radios.

The radios from this manufacturer are distinguished by their first-class quality combined with increased reliability. One such product is the Makita dab Bluetooth radio DMR110. The rubberized compartment protects the 18V LXT Li-ion 6.0 Ah battery (or other lithium-ion compatible Makita batteries) from moisture and excess particles. The radio has several options, through which, you can transfer music to it via the USB port, AUX-IN jack, or simply via Bluetooth, which makes it very versatile and convenient. Of all the advantages, the ability to broadcast digital radio of the DAB + standard stands out. That, coupled with a two-speaker stereo system, gives a very high-quality sound capable of sounding clearly even in the middle of a loud working atmosphere. For easy carrying and reliable operation, the radio has:

  • impact-resistant elastomer housing
  • metal carrying handles
  • compact size
  • detachable and flexible antenna
  • several ways to recharge
  • the ability to work for up to 33 hours

All this makes such a radio an excellent choice both for work in difficult conditions and for casual everyday use.


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