Top Tips for Employee Health and Safety When Out and About

By admin / September 28, 2020

As an employer, it is important to ensure that your team is safe both in the workplace and when your team members are carrying out their duties outside of your central office or factory. Not every workplace is static, and many employees operate in many different places, such as truckers and those that work in the emergency services. Then, it is important to make sure that your employees are safe every single moment that they are carrying out duties for your company.

Get insurance

Insurance is paramount for every business as it can protect your employees wherever they are working without having to change the details of your policy. When you are operating outside of an office or factory environment, it is paramount that you look to invest in inexpensive liability insurance, as well as worker’s compensation that can help you to financially support your employees if an accident does occur. You should make sure that this insurance policy covers every aspect of the work that your employees are performing, particularly if they are carrying out duties on a client’s property or operating machinery.

Install hazard lights on your vehicles

When your employees are out and about, one of the greatest risks to their wellbeing is the traffic, with there being 12 million vehicles involved in automobile accidents per year in the USA alone. However, you can reduce your employee’s risk of harm on the roads by properly maintaining your vehicles on a regular basis and discontinue using them if there is an issue. You should also make sure that your vehicles are fit for use. For instance, many businesses choose to opt for hazard lights and LED light bars to be installed on their automobiles, especially for slow-moving trucks or emergency vehicles whose actions are often different than those of other drivers on the roads.

Train staff appropriately

However, whether you are overseeing your employees in the workplace or whether they are working off-site, it is paramount that you train your staff appropriately. Not only will this mean that they are able to assess risk and combat issues more easily, but this can also ensure that they know how to perform tasks and manage equipment effectively. This can then reduce the number of accidents that occur through human error.

Perform risk assessments

When your employees are working in a different location to your offices or warehouse, it is paramount that you are able to perform a risk assessment before they are able to do so. This risk assessment can bring any hazards to your attention that need to be looked at by your client. It will also allow you to realize any challenges that you need to prepare for, such as by investing in the right equipment, before you send your employees to work on location.

Check employee licenses

For the riskiest duties, your employees may need the correct licenses before they can legally carry out tasks, including driving a vehicle or truck. By checking these licenses before you employ your team, you will be able to minimize the number of incidents that occur through a lack of experience and knowledge, as well as your liability for certain accidents on the road.


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