Tips for Hiring an Aerial Work Platform

By admin / December 23, 2019

For safety and proper usage, it is vital to identify the specific purpose for which you need to hire an aerial work platform or a mobile elevating work platform. Some popular uses of an access platform or boom lift are for renovation, construction, massive art installations, and fruit picking. An aerial work platform provides you with a safe way to quickly and conveniently access areas and heights that are difficult to reach using a ladder. You can find companies providing aerial work platforms for hire around the UK.

Safety tips

Working at higher elevations has many risks – equipment failure, falls, and other mishaps. See to it that you understand the safety considerations when hiring an aerial work platform.

  • It is vital to consider the load and height that you require when hiring an aerial work platform. You have to see to it that it is within the unit’s safe limits.
  • The surface where you are going to use the platform should be even and not give way under the weight of the machinery. You should check for obstructions, such as tree branches, street lighting, and overhead cables that can hinder the positioning of the boom and basket.
  • Ensure that the unit you hire is well maintained and in good working condition to prevent accidents due to equipment malfunction and breakdown.
  • You should likewise check the qualifications of the operator. The operator should have certification from the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), and a valid licence to drive a mobile elevating work platform.

Purpose of hiring an aerial work platform

Determine why you need an aerial work platform and when you need it before you get in touch with a company that rents out this type of machinery. Aerial work platforms come in different sizes and configurations to meet a specific work application. You do not want to waste your money and time on hiring the wrong unit. Moreover, it poses a safety risk.

Type of access job

Aerial work platforms are also called cherry pickers. The name came from the first use of the machine – helping people pick cherries. Cherry pickers are more suitable for jobs that require more height for medium access such as building maintenance, servicing of electricity and telephone poles, filming events, fire services, and picking fruit.

What type of access platform should you choose?

Using a cherry picker is safer than erecting scaffolding or using ladders, particularly in precarious places. With a small cherry picker, you can easily replace a shop’s fascia. If you’re replacing the gutters on a home’s second storey, you need a larger unit. With working heights from 6 metres to 21 metres, you can find different models and options for cherry picker hire in Lincolnshire that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

You have several options when hiring a cherry picker for a wide range of needs. You can find battery-powered units with non-marking tyres for indoor work. Some of the models are for working on surfaces that are uneven and for rough terrain.

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