Last advances in factory automation

By admin / November 9, 2022

Imagine what modern life would be like without automation and specially designed robots. Since this field is actively growing, experts expect its global revenue to reach over 300 billion dollars by 2027. It has all the growth drivers for that, including world upheavals like COVID-19.

At the moment, factory automation is the sphere that deserves maximum attention. All the world-leading companies strive to build smart and AI-implemented factories. There will be almost no human presence and all the processes will be controlled remotely. This is what they’re trying to achieve in the upcoming years, but let’s look at what’s been done already.

What automation machine manufacturers offer

While humanity is still far from creating fully automated factories, there are existing solutions that bring us closer to this goal. This refers to robotics systems that help cope with recurring actions making overall productivity rise significantly. Manual workers no longer need to spend their time doing the most mundane tasks. Instead, they can be involved in more versatile operations where machines don’t perform well yet.

This is impossible for a factory to implement automation processes by itself. To make it real and properly functional, a factory automation company is a must-have service. Here, at RIOS, we have a ready-made solution to speed up and streamline the inner flows of your company. Meet our high-end robots that can be proudly called the last advances in the automation sphere:

  • ASTRIA for quick material handling
  • DION for food items handling
  • LUMOS for quality control
  • HERMES for packing SKUs into poly bags
  • VULCAN for sorting, packing, and palletizing goods

They’re all equipped with an industrial robot system and can work non-stop. Your factory productivity and profitability will immensely rise once they’re installed.  Despite their initial cost, all the expenses will be covered in a few months or a bit more.


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