Josh Melick’s Tips on Developing Effective Customer Service Strategies

By admin / March 29, 2021

Josh Melick has founded three businesses and has established a reputation for providing valuable advice to new business owners. Especially as Melick has a wealth of experience as an engineer and is well aware of all the tools and strategies which business owners can use to encourage business growth.

Josh Melick teaches the owners of startups not to underestimate the importance of customer service and how a business’s customer service strategy and team can make or break their company.

Melick believes that businesses should put customer service systems in place, to ensure that they provide exceptional customer service. As no business sets out to provide sub-par customer service. For example, Melick recommends that small business owners set up cloud-based systems so that their employees will be able to easily access key information. For instance, if customer data is stored in a secure, cloud-based system, customer service agents will be able to access information which a customer may want to query quickly. As customers are likely to be frustrated if they ask customer support a question about an order which they are expecting which their customer service agent can’t find a record for.

Melick also encourages business owners to offer exceptional customer service experiences, in order to effectively differentiate their business from their competitors’ businesses. Just as Apple, differentiated itself from other tech companies by setting up the Apple Genius bar, which is now offered at every Apple location around the world. Even the top resorts in the world offer dedicated concierge services as customers love to feel valued. While businesses don’t have to create a concierge-style service in order to be competitive in their industries, businesses that add planned out strategies to differentiate their customer services from their competition are often successful.

Melick also teaches business owners about how to put customer service plans into action to ensure that customers are able to get speedy responses to their questions and queries. As in today’s technology-driven society, customers demand quick, customer service. However, Melick doesn’t believe that businesses should offer as many customer service platforms as possible and instead encourages businesses to focus on developing and maintaining a few targeted platforms. Key examples of which include message-based customer support, email-based customer support, and phone-based customer support. As it’s not necessary for most businesses to offer customer support solutions on social media platforms such as Twitter.

If a business struggles to provide high-quality customer service experiences for its customers, Melick suggests that they should encourage their employees to treat every customer like a VIP by celebrating employees who offer their customers exceptional service. For example, employees who love to provide customers with great experiences could be offered monetary customer service awards. As just like a business’ customers, a business’ employees also want to be treated well and are more likely to give their all to their job if they are treated well by their employer.

In short, Josh Melick wants to educate business owners around the world on the importance of providing exceptional customer service if they want their businesses to survive in the long term.

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