How to Keep Your Medical Practice Covid-Safe

When you are running a medical practice, whether it’s a small clinic or a large hospital, it is essential that everybody feels as safe as they can possibly be. This is especially true now as medical practices are dealing with the very real and scary threat of the coronavirus pandemic. While it can be difficult, there are a series of measures that you can implement to make sure that both your patients and staff are fully protected from its worst elements. Read on now for four key tips on keeping yourself completely safe.

Vaccinate Your Staff

Vaccines have been proven to work, preventing people against illness and hospitalization. Remarkably, however, there are medical professionals working on the frontline against the disease who still have chosen not to get vaccinated. While mandating the vaccine can open up a whole ethical can of worms, it’s worth trying to do everything else in your power in order to get people to take the jab and feel as protected as possible when they go into work.

Get The Best Equipment Out There

Whether it’s masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, gloves or ventilators, there is a whole plethora of materials that you need to have in order to keep your staff safe. It’s important to make sure that you have top quality equipment, for example, a FFP2 or a KN95 mask as opposed to a generic cloth mask, something which has already been mandated in Germany and Austria.

Nonetheless, finding the right equipment is easier said than done, with many governments across the world under fire for giving contracts to subpar providers. It is essential that when you are bulk-ordering the best equipment, that you buy from a supplier that you can absolutely trust. For one of the best suppliers around, why not check out the services of

Put Signs Everywhere

Whether it’s reminding people to wash their hands, telling them where and how they can get the vaccine, or explaining why they should keep their distance, your practice needs to have adequate signage if it’s going to make sure that people are safe. While it might be common to assume that given how long the coronavirus has been going on for, people must already know the rules fully, there are times when they can forget, making it essential to remind them.

Wash Hands and Regularly

In order to practice optimum hygiene, it is essential that your medical staff wash their hands regularly, the advice being that you should wash your hands for as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. The same should go for all patients coming into the practice. Additionally, it is very important that your practice has easily available hand sanitizer dispensers so people are able to clean their hands quickly. This is not only for public health reasons, but it can help people to feel more relaxed, allowing you to do your job to a far better degree.


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