How To Apply For A Skilled Worker Sponsor License

By admin / November 22, 2021

With the concept of free movement in the EU vanishing from the memories, the visa option that is available to non-British people and Irish nationals who want to work in the UK is the skilled worker visa. The applicant needs to earn a valid job from an employer in the UK willing to sponsor him to the UK to work with legal authorization.

So the very first step for the person who wants to get a skilled workers visa is to find an employer. Employers will be able to issue the employee the “certificates of sponsorship” to assist them in getting the visa.

According to changes in the laws after Brexit, all the European Nationals coming to the United Kingdom will be required to have a valid visa if they wish to work in the UK so now more people will be requiring worker sponsor licenses to maintain their legal authorization to work in the UK. Here in this article, we have assembled a short guide for people who need assistance regarding the skilled worker’s license application process. It will guide you on how you can acquire a UK visa based on your skills.

Types of sponsor licenses?

There are various types of sponsor work visas that applicants apply for according to their needs and skills. The license types include sportsperson visa, seasonal temporary worker, skilled worker, temporary worker, charity temporary worker, company transfers and more! The visas are primarily T2’s and T5’s.

Some of the licenses mentioned above can have similar processes and links to each other. They have a similar application process. But some of the sponsor work visas are entirely different from others and have different processes and criteria of the application. Here in this article will specifically discuss the process of a skilled worker sponsor license.

Who Can Get a Skilled Worker License

The requirements for being eligible for a skilled worker visa are really simple. The applicant needs to prove that he has secured a valid job by an employer in the UK who has legal operations running in the UK and is willing to sponsor him to get the services.

Genuine Vacancy

Similar requirements are from the employer. The employer needs to prove that he has a valid job to offer and wants to offer to sponsor a job against the genuine open vacancy in his organization. He needs to satisfy the authorities that he can give the minimum salary that is required to get a skilled workers visa. The Home office will decide to allow the sponsor to sponsor the employee by accessing the skill set of the employee and the need for those skills in the current establishment of the company. They check the business model and hiring of current employees and assess whether it was a valid vacancy or not?

What evidence documents needed to be submitted for a skilled worker visa?

To prove that you are eligible for a skilled workers visa, you need to submit the following documents

  • Proof that your sponsor has up to £5 million liability insurance for employer coverage
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Certificate of registration with HM Revenue and Custom as an employer.
  • Latest statement or letter from the bank that proves your link to dealings with organizations
  • Lease or ownership proof for the business property

Skilled worker license visa application submission

The application cannot be submitted on a normal UK visa authority form. You would need to fill out the sponsor licensing form. It is a simple form. You would need to select the categories of your choice that you wish the work license to cover and could ask your work license immigration lawyer to help.

After mentioning the categories, you will be requested to add key personnel and documents you will be submitting as evidence that you meet the criteria. You might need help from an experienced immigration lawyer to fill in the form correctly and reduce your rejection chances. The form needs to be submitted by the sponsor so it is better for that applicant of visa and applicant both to work together to get this done. After submission, the visa fee is deducted depending on the organization’s size. It can be from £536 to £1,476.

After submission, you have to send the submission sheet in PDF duly signed by the authorized officer to the Home office. You can also send it in printed form. After submission, you have to submit all the documents of evidence to the home office within 5 days of submission. For more assistance in immigration services contact work sponsorship immigration lawyers and we’d love to help you out!

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