Acceptable Reasons for Leaving Your Office Space Before the Lease Ends

By admin / September 1, 2019
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Leaving the office space before your contract expires is a terrible thing to do. There are terms in the contract that prevent you from leaving. If you do, you could end up with lots of fines. Add to that the souring of the relationship with your landlord. It could even lead to legal action in some instances.

stack of papers flat lay photography

Therefore, before you think about ending the contract before it’s over, you need to evaluate the situation.

Check the fines

The first thing to do is to see how much you’re going to pay for not finishing the contract. Some landlords ask you to finish paying the monthly fees for the remaining months. It’s the worst thing that could happen since you will end up spending a lot. If the landlord allows you to pay only a fraction of that cost, it might be worth considering. Again, it’s in the contract you signed, so you have no legal arguments in your favour.

You can’t stay in the same place

If you hired new employees and you can’t fit in the same place anymore, it makes sense for you to leave. You don’t want everyone to feel like you’re cramping them in a small space. The best option is to get a new space where everyone will eventually work together. For now, you can pay two areas so you won’t waste the amount you’ll pay for the current lease.

There’s a good offer elsewhere

If you can find a suitable offer in another place which is near key areas in the city, you have to grab it. The office space might be in a business district, and you don’t want to lose that chance. If the fee is reasonable enough, and you know it won’t be long before someone else swoops in, you have to grab the chance.

The nature of your business operation changes

When you started the business, you needed a small space since only a few employees were working on their computers. Now, you need a meeting room; entertainment corner, and other places to conduct operations. You might even open the space for clients to come in. You can’t be in the same location as it could harm the way you conduct business.

Weigh the pros and cons

Again, moving to a new office space means ending the current lease, which is yet to expire. What you’ll end up spending is way too high, and you don’t want to lose that much. However, if you think you have a valid reason for making this move, you need to do it.

Inform the landlord as soon as you make up your mind so you can end things amicably. Never forget to ask a cleaning company like to come to the office and make it sparkle again. You already made the landlord feel bad because of your decision not to finish the contract. You can at least make everything better by making sure the office space looks as good as new before the last day.


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