5 Powerful Tips to Avoid Being Overwhelmed

By admin / December 2, 2020

Are you looking for a way to stop yourself from being overwhelmed?

There are about 60% of Americans plagued with daily stress and overwhelmed feelings. Constantly feeling overwhelmed and burnt out from studies and work can take a toll on your mind and body.

Read on to learn five tips on how to overcome being overwhelmed in any situation.

1. Know Your Priorities

Being overwhelmed won’t go away unless you make new and healthy lifestyle changes. Start by setting your priorities and aligning your values. Determine the tasks that you need to prioritize for the day, week, and month.

You should know what you have to do first to avoid rushing in the next days. Create a list that is realistic and easily tells you which ones come first. Planning and finishing a task ahead of time can give you enough time to relax a bit and breath.

2. Learn How to Express Your Feelings

Talking it out with other people is a powerful way to stop feeling overwhelmed. When you receive social support, your body releases oxytocin or “love hormone.” It helps lower your heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels.

You can choose to express your emotions and thoughts to loved ones like your family and friends. There are also many websites where you can share and ask for guidance anonymously. Sharing your troubles can be healing and therapeutic.

3. Set Some Boundaries

A great way to avoid burnout is to set some boundaries. Know when to stop working, say yes or no, rest, and spend time with your loved ones. The good things you try to do for others, you should do for yourself too.

Here are some mistakes to avoid if you feel like you’re regularly feeling overwhelmed.

4. Breathe and Relax

Breathing exercises are one of the best ways to stop yourself from feeling too overwhelmed and burnt. Regularly being overwhelmed can shift you to a state of auto stress. You may feel physical symptoms such as headaches and heart palpitations.

Calm yourself down by doing breathing exercises and mindfulness. Take a few minutes of your time every day to relax and calm your tense body. Breathing also helps stimulate more hormones like serotonin and dopamine, which helps in making you happier.

5. Work Smarter Rather than Harder

It’s easy to become a workaholic if you tend to make personal sacrifices along the way. Saying yes to every task you get can lead to mistakes, which leads to overtime and overworking. Working harder does not mean being more productive.

Instead of measuring your time, you should evaluate your results and improve quality, not quantity. Try to work in a 90 to 120-minute time frame to help your brain focus and improve your productivity. Avoid multitasking since it will mess with how you concentrate, overwhelming your mind and body.

Five Powerful Tips to Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Now you know some powerful tips to help you overcome being overwhelmed. Do your best to apply these tips, from setting your priorities to working smarter.

We hope you keep these tips in mind and get over what you’re feeling! Do you need more tips or ways to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed? Take a look at our other posts for more helpful guides.

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