5 ideas for clever inspirational posters for an office

By admin / April 11, 2022

Posters are amazing wall decor that will keep you motivated and focused. You can print on a poster something cute, something funny, or something inspirational. Today we are here to discuss the latter one – here are 5 ideas for clever inspirational posters!

Idea 1: “Your brain is a super-computer, and your self-talk is the program it will run” by Jim Kwik

What a strong thought! This is a quote that will go well in a lot of places, not just the office. You can hang it at home, at the gym or even at school. However, at the office, it is important to remind people not just about their work goals, but about emotional well-being as well. A poster like this will inspire people to be their best selves, and you definitely want your employees to be the best versions of themselves!

Idea 2: “Be stronger than your excuses”

We all time to time have excuses. And it is good to have a reminder that you can be stronger than your lazy thoughts. Even though in a work setting this poster can feel a little bit pushy, you can decorate the words with nice graphics and create an inspirational poster that everyone who visits your office, will photograph.

Idea 3: “Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest.”

It is nice to be once in a while reminded to not give up. Especially when you have started something new, and it seems so tough and hard. Even if an employee has worked in your office for years and knows his or her job well, there are always some changes and tasks when we need to learn something new and begin from scratch. And in these moments a poster like this will inspire to keep going.

Idea 4: “You got this”

Sweet and simple. But still powerful. Imagine having a down day and looking up and seeing this poster. Guaranteed it will lift your spirit. This one is so global that it will look good in a lot of places, not just the office. Including shops, cafes, gyms, schools, dance studios, etc.

Idea 5: “The best way how to get things done is to simply begin.”

Isn’t this true? A gentle reminder, that procrastination does not help to move along. It is so easy to postpone today’s jobs to tomorrow, but it is so much more satisfying to do tomorrow’s jobs today. It is better to be ahead, not behind. May this be the poster that reminds you to begin something you have postponed for too long.

Designing and printing your poster

When you have decided on the text for your poster, you need to create a stunning design for it. You can hire a designer or work on it yourself. Make sure the design is office appropriate and compliments the text.

To print your poster you can use a print on demand supplier, for example, printseekers.com. There are different sizes available from small ones to really big ones. It is also possible to frame your poster, so it looks more polished and nice.

In conclusion

Posters with inspirational texts are a great way how to lift the mood in the office. They also work well as a decor piece and look modern and stylish. Just find the right text and design for your specific office, and start inspiring!

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