Why You Should Stay in a Serviced Apartment When Travelling to Belfast

By admin / July 23, 2019

Belfast is a unique place. As the capital of Northern Ireland, which is also a place unlike any other in the world, Belfast is a bustling port city. It is a beautiful place to visit and is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to live in in the UK. After decades of violence, known as the Troubles, Northern Ireland has started to bounce back and nowhere is this more evident than in Belfast.

Whether you are travelling for pleasure or business, you will want to stay in comfort and style – who wouldn’t? But rather than the traditional hotel option, why not look at rental statistics in Washington and consider renting a serviced apartment for your visit? There are lots of excellent reasons to choose to stay in a serviced apartment like these – https://dreamapartments.co.uk/serviced-apartments-belfast.


One of the biggest benefits of a service department is that you get the space of, well, an apartment. The average serviced apartment is bigger than the average hotel room, and in cities like Belfast, this difference can be particularly stark. You don’t need us to tell you why having extra space is better, if you’re an experienced traveller then you’ve heard it all before.

However, one thing that is often underappreciated is just how much difference having lots of space can make to your emotional state. Some people find cities claustrophobic, especially if they aren’t used to them. In this case, the space of a serviced apartment will give you somewhere to relax and breathe and feel safe.


When you consider the extra space that you get with a serviced apartment, they represent terrific value for the asking price. If you break the price of a serviced apartment and a hotel down to a value per square metre, you will find that the serviced apartment is way better value than a hotel room.

If you are going to be staying in Belfast for a while, the difference in value becomes even more pronounced. After 28 nights, the amount of VAT that you need to pay on your serviced apartment reduces to just 4%, so if you’re going to be there that long then you should take advantage.


Serviced apartments tend to be located in different places to hotels. Serviced apartments sit among the apartments of regular citizens, meaning that you get to experience what life is like from their perspective.

Belfast has lots of sights to see and plenty of history and culture to take in. While hotels are generally located near to the city centre, serviced apartments are dotted about the city, meaning you can choose the best location for you.

Whether you are going to be travelling to Belfast for business or for a holiday, we recommend that you seriously consider a serviced apartment. Not only will you get all of the above benefits but you can expect things like TV and Wi-Fi without having to pay any extra charges. A serviced apartment enables you to stay in comfort and style and get as much as you can out of your Belfast experience.

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