Wheelchair Accessible Hotel Rooms Allow the Disabled to Be Comfortable When They Travel

By admin / March 2, 2018

For disabled people who love to travel, wheelchair accessible hotel rooms allow them to have a comfortable time when they visit new places.

Everyone loves to travel and discover new cultures and meet people from new places. Some prefer warm climates with sandy beaches with endless blue oceans, while others like the snow with imposing mountains and cold conditions. While others hear the call of a big city where the noise, people and congestion is at its highest.

People with disabilities have the same desires and long to travel and visit the great and lesser known places. But having a disability particularly, if you are in a wheelchair creates great challenges that encompass every area of a trip.


Those in a wheelchair require special access and additional care to ensure they are comfortable when flying. Today airlines have responded. They allow special boarding of deplaning of their planes by those in wheelchairs. Also most planes are now equipped with special rows for wheelchairs or places to place a wheelchair.


Hotels can present the biggest challenges for travelers in wheelchairs. They will ultimately spend the most time in their hotel during a trip and need to find ways to sleep, get around their rooms, shower, and move around the hotel. Unless the hotel has taken the time to put on place amenities and processes in place that are specifically designed for wheelchair guests, it will be a near impossible task for these guests to find comfort.

Fortunately there are hotels in many great cites, that cater specifically to those who are wheelchair bound. Handiscover.com is website that specializes in providing access to wheelchair friendly hotels in cities around the world. They offer a wide range of hotels with a clear distinction of what types of disabilities each hotel can accommodate.

Buses and Trains

Both public and private trains and buses can prove to be impossible to navigate in normal circumstances for those in wheelchairs. Many countries now provide access for those in wheelchairs. Trains have elevator access to get to platforms and buses have lifts that can lifts wheelchairs and place them back at street level.


Attractions present a particular set of challenges for those in wheelchairs. Many sites have been around for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years and might be some of the hottest travel destinations, but access to them can often be difficult to navigate even for those without disabilities. However many cities have done a great job of installing lifts or alternative paths specifically for wheelchairs.

In terms of newer attractions like these parks they have built their entrances, paths through their parks, and many of their rides so that those in those in wheelchairs can participate.

The key is to reach out to any attraction in advance and ask specifically if they can accommodate wheelchair access guests. If the answer is yes ask what they have available and if you are required to bring anything to make access easier.

If you or someone you are traveling with is in a wheelchair you need to do some work in advance to discover the places most accommodating for these types of guests. 

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