Top Things To Do In Spain

Spain attracts hundreds of tourists and travelers because of its natural beauty, architectural heritage and constant fiestas and siestas. The country is well known for its surf-friendly beaches, frenzied nightlife and bustling flea markets. There is a lot to do and see here in Spain that offers a wide range and combination of activities. It is hard to resist the lure of the tapas and wine or the flamenco. Get ready for some unique experiences in the sun-kissed paradise. Here are some top things to do and explore from the destination bucket lists.

  • Antoní Gaudí’s architecture is worth looking at. The daring and unique architecture is indeed awe-inspiring.
  • Alhambra in Granada is a must visit, and it will take you almost the whole day to explore the giant fortress. The building overlooks the entire city of Granada.
  • Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is one of the greatest museums that was built by the famous architect Frank Gehry. It houses some of the most bizarre art from the 20th century, and the shape of the building is like a wonder itself.
  • Explore the futuristic construction of Valencia, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. The futuristic construction is like a bottomless well of attractions. Enjoy looking at a large variety of indigenous plants here and the outdoor art gallery.
  • Enjoy Flamenco, the traditional folk music that can be heard in the gardens of the Alcazar in Seville or Madrid. The best flamenco can be seen in a spontaneous bar or at a gypsy wedding.
  • Do not forget to eat Tapas and eventually, you are going to find your favorite bars where you can enjoy the best Tapas. Other favorite dishes include patatas bravas, tortillas, and chorizo based meals.
  • Renting a car in Spain is a great option to go explore the countryside. Once you have explored the big cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid, navigate the country and mountain towns by car.
  • The football fans should not miss the chance to appreciate the size of Camp Now Barcelona’s football stadium. You might be able to see some of the greatest footballers of all time such as Messi.
  • Party in Ibiza and the legendary never-ending parties are sure to keep you up and wake the whole night. There is no bigger party when it comes to Ibiza.
  • Walk on the streets with tomatoes in hand and enjoy the most celebrated festival in the world – La Tomatina. The party begins with a massive feast on Paella, and later thousands of people enter the streets ready to throw tomatoes at each other.
  • Rastro in Madrid is a well-known flea market that attracts a vast number of locals and tourists. You are sure to find yourself shopping for local handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Run with the bulls in Pamplona, and it is indeed one of the lifetime experience. Only volunteers with big enough balls have the courage to run with those animals. Be a part of this crazy sport continues to thrive despite many casualties every year.
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