Top 10 Most Underrated Cities in the World

By admin / May 14, 2020

When people travel they always want to go to the most popular destinations. Destinations like London, Paris, and Rome certainly have a lot to offer tourists, but honing in on these destinations alone leaves a lot to be desired. There are plenty of underrated cities in the world, all of which can provide you with some unforgettable memories and experiences. So what are the cities that fly under the radar and deserve more respect? Here are the top ten most underrated cities in the world.


Beijing is the capital of China and gets most of the hype, meaning that Shanghai is often overlooked by tourists. However, where Beijing is classic and timeless, Shanghai is sleek and modern. The city has an absolutely gorgeous skyline and is akin to what most westerners think of when they have a sprawling metropolis in mind. If you’re ever in China, visiting Shanghai is an absolute must.


Most people have never heard of the Croatian city Dubrovnik before, even though the city has a major claim to fame. The T.V show Game of Thrones filmed heavily in the city, using the city as the capital city in the show, King’s Landing. Dubrovnik has a beautiful medieval vibe to it, so it’s no wonder that the show’s producers thought it would be the perfect film setting. The city is one of the most beautiful locations in Europe, as it is nestled on the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is a criminally underrated city and is definitely worth your time and money to visit.


Banff has some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever see in your life. Nestled under the Alberta Rockies, Banff will blow you away with its gorgeous views of mountain peaks and glacial lakes. If you’re someone who loves nature, Banff and its sights would be the absolute perfect destination for you. You’ll likely be so entranced that you’ll start looking for Banff homes for sale for a permanent residence since the area is that amazing and enticing.


When people think of France, everyone immediately thinks of Paris and all of its wonderful sights. However, Paris isn’t the only French city worth visiting, as Lyon is equally as gorgeous. The city has plenty of classic Renaissance buildings lining its streets, as well as several impressive cathedrals and churches. Lyon seamlessly integrates modern with classic when it comes to architecture, making the city a must-visit destination while in France.


If you’re into gorgeous medieval cities, Krakow is the perfect location for you. The Polish city is full of gorgeous cathedrals and towering castles, making for a truly beautiful sight. Karkow is often underrated because it’s not as exciting as some other destinations and lacks typical attractions. However, if you’re someone who loves history or gorgeous architecture, then Krakow is the perfect destination for you.


Located on the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver doesn’t get the same respect that cities in the eastern portion of Canada receive. That being said, the city still has some amazing positives that visitors can enjoy. First, being so close to the Pacific Ocean means that Vancouver has some of the best seafood in all of Canada. In addition, the city is perfect for water activities such as cruises and fishing. If you’re ever in the western portion of North America, Vancouver is a great destination to stop by.

Mexico City

When it comes to North American cities, Mexico City is definitely one of the more underrated destinations. The city has some absolutely amazing cuisine, as well as a thriving nightlife. The city has other positives as well, such as a low cost of living and being near several Native American ruins. Mexico City can appeal to all sorts of people, making it a great destination for people to visit.


Not many Southeast Asian cities are on people’s bucket lists to visit, but Manilla definitely should be. The capital of the Philippines has some amazing shops and restaurants, making it extremely tourist-friendly. Not to mention that locals are extremely kindhearted and have some amazing culture and heritage to enjoy. To top it all off, the Philippines enjoys some amazing warm weather. Even though this city is underrated, it definitely is a must-visit destination.


Houston is growing rapidly, becoming one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States. With rapid growth comes lots of job opportunities and a booming economy. The city has attracted lots of people in recent years, and many entertainment venues have popped up in order to support the growing population. That coupled with the great warm Texas weather make Houston a great city to visit, even if it’s massively underrated.


Many people travel to the Iberian Peninsula to visit Spain, often ignoring the county’s neighbor Portugal. However, Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, has plenty to offer tourists. The Portuguese capital city has some amazing architecture, great entertainment options, and stunning views. It’s an absolute shame that this gorgeous city is so underrated by tourists because it definitely is an amazing location to visit.


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