The Top Sights to See in Saudi Arabia:

By admin / August 21, 2019

If you’re determined to visit the best sites which Saudi Arabia has to offer, continue reading to discover a few must visit sites to add to your trip itinerary!

The Top Sights to See in Saudi Arabia:

1. The Shafa Mountains

It’s well worth taking a cable car ride to the top of the Shafa Mountains, in order to enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. One reason why so many locals and tourists flock to the Shafa Mountains is to catch a glimpse of some of the wild baboons who call the area home. If you’re a fan of waterparks, you’re also in luck as the Shafa Mountains also features it’s own waterpark which boasts a few thrilling waterslides.

2. King Fahd’s Fountain

Saudi Arabia is home to King Fahd’s Fountain, which happens to be the highest water fountain in the world. In order to take an impressive photo of yourself standing in-front of the iconic salt water fountain, head to the nearby beach which offers stunning views of King Fahd’s Fountain. Alternatively, you may be interested in booking a table at the restaurant at the HotelIntercontinental Jeddah, which offers uninterrupted views of King Fahd’s Fountain.

3. The Kingdom Centre Tower

The Kingdom Centre Tower is known for its modern elliptical design and is one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia. It houses a spacious shopping complex, which is home to numerous luxury brands and exclusive boutiques as well as a luxurious hotel.

If you opt to visit The Kingdom Centre Tower, make sure to head to the Sky Bridge, in order to get a bird’s eye view of Jeddah. Which happens to be one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential cities, along with Riyadh. The building is also one of the largest locations for business and commercial activities, including housing many expats as well. We have partnered with our visa agents at Rapid Visas who can assist with all types of Saudi visa fees

4. Al Rudaf Park

Al Rudaf Park is one of the most popular, picturesque parks in Saudi Arabia and boasts mountain views, lush grash and a scenic lake. If you’re interested in riding a camel for the first time, you’ll also be able to book a camel ride through Al Rudaf Park. There’s also a daily bird show which you may be interested in watching if you’re interested in falconry. Depending on what day you choose to visit you may even get to see a free fireworks display.

5. The Al Wahbah Crater

The Al Wahbah is located in Taif and is well worth visiting, especially if you enjoy hiking as there are numerous trails around the Al Wahbah Crater. During a hike around the crater, you’ll get to marvel at a wide variety of geological formations as well as seemingly endless lava fields.

6. The Al Masmak Fortress

If you plan on spending a few days in Riyadh, it’s a great idea to visit the Al Masmak Fortress, which is a genuine 19th century fortress which was built out of mud. If you’re genuinely interested in learning about Saudi Arabia’s history you’ll thoroughly enjoy viewing the many exhibitions which are located within the Al Masmak Fortress.

7. The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque

The Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, which is located in Riyadh is one of the largest mosques in Saudi Arabia and boasts three floors. If you visit, you’ll be provided with a free guide who’ll be able to answer any questions which you may have about Islam or the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque.

Hopefully you find the list of must visit attractions which are listed above useful in planning your upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia. If you are looking for advice on Umrah visa, then this will advice on exactly what you need to do.


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