Start Packing! Why Scotland Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

By admin / November 20, 2020

It’s not easy to find the perfect vacation spot for you and your family (or friends). How do you keep everyone happy? This article will dive into one great option for a vacation destination: Scotland.

You see, the best thing about Scotland is its diversity. It has countrysides, energetic cities, mountain peaks, and cozy villages. It hits the spot for all types of holidays: adventure-orientated, relaxing, or cultural.

Does this sound tempting? Here are 4 reasons why Scotland should be your next summer destination.

Breathtaking Nature

Scotland has some of the most striking nature and landscapes in the UK. It ranges from soft rolling hills to sharp, jagged mountains. It even includes sandy beaches! It really has everything under the sun.

Its nature makes Scotland the perfect place to drive through and admire the scenery. It is also world-famous for its highlands that stretch for hundreds of miles. In fact, a great place to see them is Cairngorms National Park. This area has highlands, adorable towns, and lochs. Who knows? You may even catch Nessie the Lochness monster!

Plenty of Activities

If you’re more action-orientated, then you’re in for a treat. Scotland is jam-packed with adventures. These include:

  • Walking and hiking through the hills
  • Mountain biking
  • Taking a boat on the loch or sea
  • Skiing in the winter
  • Clay Pigeon shooting
  • Fishing
  • and much more!

Scotland is especially famous for its world-class golfing courses that are spread over the rolling hills. Read more about this here.

Food and Drinks

Who doesn’t love good food and drinks? The Scottish definitely do. You can find a heart-warming meal at any pub. This country is truly the king of comfort food, with their big bowls of Stovies to warm you up in the winter.

The Scottish are also best known for their whiskey. They have hundreds of distilleries across the country and five distinct whiskey regions. It’s the perfect drink to warm up. Scotland is also known for its gin. It’s actually responsible for over half the gin production in the world. Who knew!

Finally, if you aren’t a fan of spirits, you can always find a large mug of good, old Scottish beer. There’s been a recent rise in craft beers, resulting in over 100 different breweries. You will be spoiled for choice.

Magnificent Cities

The cities in Scotland are something from a fairytale. First, you have the ancient villages that are older than Stonehenge and the pyramids in Egypt. Secondly, you have the two major cities of Scotland that are bustling with life: Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Edinburgh has an incredible history, the unmissable Edinburgh Castle that sits in the center of the city, and the famous Scottish National Gallery. Glasgow is known for its quaint shop, cobbled streets, and an overflow of really cool art and culture. You’ll be pressed to choose which one to visit … or see both!

Scotland Is a Must-Visit

The top four reasons to visit Scotland spans from nature to a memorable glass of Whiskey. Now that you’ve discovered the best of Scotland, all that’s left to do is plan for your holiday! Our tip: spring is the best time to visit Scotland.

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