Safari Adventure: Amazing Animals You Can See

By admin / February 11, 2019

Some people would agree that “nature at its finest” can be seen on a safari. Originally, a safari was always associated with a hunting trip in the wild. It was not until 1836 that William Cornwallis Harris started a different safari journey, wherein he led a trip only to observe and look at wildlife. Up to this day, people enjoy that kind of safari Asilia experience: looking at the beautiful and astounding views of the wilderness and the intimidating but majestic animals.

It definitely wouldn’t be a perfect safari experience without seeing the magnificent and famous animals, such as elephants, lions, and giraffes. As people go on their safari trip, they usually expect to see these iconic animals, but what really adds beauty to the experience is seeing the underrated treasures of the safari: the rarest animals ever seen. Here are some of the most majestic animals you can see in the safari:


Starting off with the king of the jungle, lions are the second largest members of the cat family. They can weigh up to 500 pounds and can grow up to ten feet long. Lions are known to be unique in their hunting style; they are the only cats that live in groups, also known as prides. Male lions have beautiful long hair called manes, and they defend their territory. On the other hand, female lions are the hunters. Lions are famous for their strength and fearlessness, hence being named the “king of the jungle”.

Ethiopian Wolf

Considered as one of Africa’s most unique animals, Ethiopian wolves are one of the most endangered carnivores. There are less than 500 remaining in the wild, and their beauty can only be seen if specifically included in the itinerary. Diseases are the leading causes of the population decline of these wolves, but solutions have been put to action for their survival. Ethiopian wolves look more like foxes than typical wolves. Additionally, unlike other wolves, they may live together as a pack, but they hunt alone.

Mountain Nyala

Mountain Nyalas are elegant, spiral-horned antelopes in the highlands of Ethiopia. Unfortunately, they are also endangered, with only around 1,000 left. Illegal hunting, predation, and ineffective protection are the leading causes of their population decline. They are known as very shy animals and are not very territorial.

Superb Starling Bird

One of the most popular birds among tourists, Superb Starlings have glossy and metallic blue-green wings. They usually feed on insects but also feed on fruits and nectar. They may even reach human settlements where they get left-overs from meals and even beg for food on picnic areas. Superb starlings are usually found in large flocks, and they are usually monogamous.


These tall, pink and famous birds are one of the best things to see in the safari. They are very unique for their color and height. Surprisingly, they got their color from the shrimplike crustaceans that they eat. In fact, if they lack these crustaceans in their diet, they may become paler in color. Flamingos live in large flocks, and they move in harmony when they experience threats. Indeed, they are a sight to see.

One trip to the safari is definitely not enough to see all the marvelous creatures that live in it. It could take countless days just to discover all of its hidden wonders. What makes a safari beautiful is its diversity; you may find your favorite animals and you may discover unknown but astounding creatures that you never even knew existed.


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