Relax in Reykjavík: 5 places to de-stress and unwind

By admin / February 7, 2020

If you’re going on holiday to Reykjavik, there are many beautiful sights to see that you should definitely add to your itinerary. When you’re trying to unwind, exploring a new destination at your own pace is a great idea, and that’s easy to do if you’ve got the right means of travel. Flexibility is key, because it’s stressful to have to rush off and catch a train at a specific time.

To ensure that you can work to your own schedule, it’s worth looking into car hire in Iceland so you can focus on relaxing instead of planning your time around transport. When it comes to booking some must-visit destinations for your trip, we’ve got that covered – so here’s a number of relaxing locations you don’t want to miss.

Blue Lagoon

One of the most unmissable attractions of Reykjavik is the Blue Lagoon, and although it’s likely to be busy, it’s still a relaxing experience. Even when it’s cold outside, the geothermal spa is always warm and inviting. A combination of the mineral salts, silica and blue green algae helps you to relax, while the mud cleanses and exfoliates your skin. It’s one of the best options for a spa while you’re on holiday, and it’s definitely not something you should miss.

Watch the sunset by the Sun Voyager

There is a lot of beauty in and around Reykjavik, and the sculpture of the Sun Voyager is definitely a popular piece. Just before dusk, you’ll be able to sit here while watching the sunset, and it’s likely to make for the perfect evening. Visit to experience the gorgeous view towards Mount Esja. If you want an evening off, but don’t want to sit in the hotel, the Sun Voyager is definitely the place to go.

Visit the public parks

There are some gorgeous parks to stroll around in Reykjavik, and one of the most popular ones is by the city pond. If you’re going for a picnic in the middle of the day, you’ll notice that it’s a beautiful location to sit back and relax.

Golden Circle Tour

One of the key places to go while you’re away is the Golden Circle tour. With waterfalls, an additional geothermal area and Fontana Wellness, it’s worth the trip. You can recline while viewing the mountains, it’s a beautiful place to stop and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

See the Northern Lights

Viewing the Northern Lights is an unforgettable experience filled with awe. A once in a lifetime view, visiting the Northern Lights is unmissable and will help you unwind surrounded by marvellous natural wonder.

There are a number of other fun-filled excursions if you’re looking to do something a little different, including whale-watching and taste-testing sessions at five star restaurants. Reykjavik is a beautiful place to see, and it’s worth making the most of it while you’re there.

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