Raising Kids in Australia as an Expat

By admin / January 18, 2019

Australia is a popular destination for expats families and is ranked the 9th best country to raise kids in as an expat. According to a survey carried out on 5000 expats, Australia is a brilliant place for raising children because it offers a wide variety of services and facilities.

The properties available are usually large, children have many options regarding outdoor recreational activities, and the country emphasizes the importance of education by offering a wide spectrum of schooling options. According to the result of the HSBC raising children abroad survey, in Australia 70% of expats saw improvement in the health of their child since moving.

This is a very high percentage compared to the global average of 56%. The results of this survey also proved that Australia offers the surroundings a child needs to stay healthy and energetic and encourages children to spend time outdoors. Following are the other reasons why Australia is an attractive place for expat families.

The weather

The winters are mild and short which is why none of the houses have a central heating system or other measures. That means children can still go out and play in the winters instead of being trapped inside. The summers are warm which are easy to adapt to.


Australia offers families many beaches where they can enjoy and interact with nature. The children can play and explore.

Playgrounds and parks everywhere

Australia features many parks and playgrounds in order to provide its residents with quality and safe playing grounds. Big parks can be seen around every corner where there are swings and slides for children. Because of the good weather, the children love to spend time outdoors, and a park is a perfect place for them to explore and engage in different activities.


Australia has strict safety rules. A car seat is compulsory which also has a belt for added security. Heat stroke and skin cancer is common in Australia which is why sun hats are compulsory to wear with the school uniform. The children cannot play outside unless they wear the sun hats. Australia has a low crime rate and is far away from war and fights. This makes Australia a very safe country for raising kids.

Good food

Australia offers high-quality food to its residents that is affordable and easily available. The climate of Australia allows people to grow plants and trees in their backyards such as an avocado tree. Australians love to eat meat which is why children grow up eating sausages, hot dogs, roasted chicken, and lamb pies. Australia is known for its pubs where families love to have dinner. At pubs, the parents are busy eating meat pies and drinking beer while the kids have chips and burgers. Some pubs even have play areas for entertaining children. The vegetables and fruits available in supermarkets is fresh and tastes delicious.

Family support programs

The Australian government offers different programs to help parents for free such as breastfeeding assistance and parent help centers.

Public education

Public education is a way for children to receive an education so that they can become a productive member of society in the future. The education is free. And all of the Australian Universities are affordable and offer high-quality education. But if you still fall short of money you can ask your relatives or friends to send money or money transfer through Ria money transfer.

Outdoor sports

Playing outdoors helps children in their development and adjustment to the new environment. The children are exposed to the natural environment, where they get fresh air and can exercise. Sports is very important for Australians, as they love to be involved in outdoor sports activities. This also promotes interactions and social adjustment.


Raising kids can be a difficult task, but that’s not the case in Australia even if you’re an expat. Life in Australia is peaceful and fun. The people are caring and fun to be around with. Australia is home to festivals, lights, events, pleasant weather, and beautiful landscapes. All these factors encourage families to stay active and healthy. It’s a culturally diverse and lively country, perfect for you and your family.

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