How to Make Your Romantic Camping Trip Successful this Valentine’s Day?

By admin / February 12, 2020

If you have already exhausted every avenue of a romantic date, this is the time to grab your better half and give an adventurous touch to your romance. Nothing will spark your emotions like the bright stars at night, a cozy fire, and a double sleeping bag. The aura of nature combined with the best company you have is going to give you worthwhile memories.

If you’re wondering “how does one make camping romantic?”, you have a limited ability to explore all the possibilities. Yes, using the woods as bathroom and having a morning breath isn’t want romance seems to be. However, you need to be aware of how to cover up these issues and bring more comfort into the trip.

Let us share with you some camping tips and tricks to make this Valentine’s Day as one of the best you’ve had till now. Here are some of the most romantic things to do in Atlanta this weekend for couples:

Location is Everything

This is the most important aspect of the entire trip! If you make a mistake here, this romantic getaway will become nothing less than a nightmare. The right place will play an integral role in making your holiday a success, but consider these aspects before making a choice:

  • A small campground may be less noisy because of the secluded sites whereas a remote camping area allows you to connect with your loved one.
  • Choose the location after considering the activities which can be carried out on the premises.
  • Get a scenic spot that offers romantic sunrises and a clear view of the sky during the night.

Disconnect to Connect With One Another

If you stay glued to your screens even in the forest, you’ll be wasting all the precious time that could be spent in making everlasting memories. To reconnect with one another and spend some quality time together, it is important to disconnect with the outside world.

One can set a specific time of the day to check the emails and complete other important tasks. Otherwise, do not let anything distract you from your significant other, and leave everything else to be dealt with when you have returned from this beautiful adventure.

Lit the Mood with LED String Lights

Even in the wild, there are plenty of ways to set the romantic mood and decorating the camp with LED string lights has to be the best idea. Experience the soft romance in the rugged outdoors with the most fantastic views.

Most of the strings available either work on battery or can be charged with solar power. Don’t forget to charge them or bring extra batteries, and you are all good to set a magical ambiance right in the middle of nowhere with your better half.

Invest in a Portable Speaker

Who doesn’t like some nice music, especially when they are in such a refreshing atmosphere? It can prove to be the ultimate mood-setter. And, with a playlist of all the favorite songs of your lover, you are definitely going to hit the jackpot!

Carry a portable speaker to ensure an enjoyable musical experience. The only concern is that it should remain charged in that remote location so take measures accordingly if you don’t want any of your experiences to be spoiled. Carry as many spare batteries as possible so that you run out of power at the wrong time.

Don’t Forget About the Food

So, you have all the gear ready and have planned a splendid trip for the two of you. Is there anything that could possibly go wrong? Relying on your hunting skills and thinking that you’ll find mouth-watering eateries at the camping spot would be enough to spoil everything for your loved one.

Try to pack some snacks and ready-to-eat stuff so that you don’t have to worry about preparing the food after returning from a tiring camping trip. Pack some ingredients to enjoy a campsite cooking experience as nothing bonds two people like cooking together does.

Plan Interesting Couple Activities

Before you choose your camping location, think of all the camping activities that are fun for couples. Knowing what you want to do on this trip is essential because it helps in picking the place accordingly, and ensures that the two of you spend some enjoyable time together.

Kayaking, backpacking, hiking, and dipping in hot springs are some not-to-be-missed activities. However, if you want to keep adventure to the minimum, you can take along some board games or cards. The main purpose is to spend time in each other’s company and stay away from your phones as much as possible.

Lastly, Keep the Element of Surprise

Try to leave at least some of the trip details hidden from your loved one so that the element of surprise prevails. Who doesn’t like romantic surprises? And, what harm is there in doing something that will strengthen your relationship. Such cute romantic gestures help in keeping the love intact.

With the right planning, a boring camping trip can be turned into a wonderful romantic experience for any couple. Putting such thoughts and effort would definitely make your partner appreciate the time you are spending together.


Always remember that time spent together to support any bond is time invested. There is no better gift for the love of your life than all your time and attention. Creating everlasting memories together is way more worthwhile than spending a huge sum of money on an eccentric gift.

The more time you spend alone, the more you will understand each other and make an effort to overcome the differences. It is all about being comfortable with your partner and taste the adventure while being in uncomfortable surroundings.

Camping is a cheap and convenient alternative to flourish your love while being miles away from home. Set out with proper planning and you will never regret your decision of being in nature with the person you love the most.

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