How Best To Choose A Coach Hire Service For Your Needs

By admin / April 25, 2018

Chartering or hiring a coach or bus for a special journey to a new city has become more common, especially if you want convenience and a prompt service and if you want to get where you are going in the best possible way. Coach hire services are highly recommended, particularly for big groups. But whilst there may be plenty of coach hire services available today, not all may be suitable for your expectations. Are you thinking of hiring a bus or coach but are unsure of how to choose the best one? Here’s how best to choose a coach hire service for your needs.

  • Their coaches

Of course, one of the most important factors which will influence your decision will be the actual coaches. How old are the vehicles? If they are new, then that’s definitely a good sign. But even if they are not that new yet are well cared for and maintained, you can still decide to go for that coach hire service. What’s important is that the vehicles are clean and comfortable and that the engine and the general condition of the vehicle are good.

You may also want to ask the operator about various safety features. Safety features such as ABS (anti-lock braking systems) may be a good addition, for instance. One more thing: you should ask the operator’s requirements regarding drivers’ work hours, as some operators may be putting you at risk if their drivers are overworked or fatigued.

  • Your needs

Another important aspect is your requirements, as the United Bus Company, a reliable coach hire service in Belfast, confirms. Do you have any special requirements? For instance, are you travelling with young children, with the elderly, or with people who have mobility issues? You may want a vehicle which can accommodate such needs. Ask the coach hire service if they are amenable to rest stops, as some passengers may require such stops as well.

If you are travelling during the summer, the vehicle should be air-conditioned. If you have a long journey ahead of you, check for facilities such as bathrooms, televisions, reclining seats, window drapes or shades, and so on.

  • Their staff

Whilst vehicle comfort and safety are essential, it’s also important to check the qualifications of their staff, especially the drivers. Are the drivers adequately skilled and trained? If possible, ask for the driver’s qualifications and licence. How many years of experience do they have? If the staff and drivers are uniformed, this can speak volumes as well. And here’s one more tip: confirm who will be booking as well as paying for the accommodation of the driver – is it you or the operator? Once you have confirmed this, you can avoid any issues later on.

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