Extreme Big Bike Touring: A New Level of Adventure

By admin / November 1, 2021

While the majority of bikers stick to the roads and rely on their machine as a form of transport with the thrill of speed thrown in, there are a few that can be classed as extreme adventurers. A typical candidate would be the 30-year-old guy who grew up with bikes and a love of the countryside; he would ride a 650cc Enduro bike that can go just about anywhere in the right hands, plus he would have a solo camping kit that empowers his extreme expeditions and with a solar blanket and lithium-iron storage battery, the adventurer has all the power he needs.

Survival Gear

Being on two wheels does limit what you can take; the big bike adventurer would have the following somewhere in his kit.

  • Good first aid kit
  • Water purification tablets
  • Cooking equipment
  • LED flashlight
  • Swiss army knife
  • Firelighter
  • Power source (solar)
  • Good sleeping bag & one-man tent.

You might be wondering how he could manage to stash all of the above onto his bike; everything comes in miniature and with today’s tech, you would be surprised at the gadgets and devices for the extreme traveller. A professional backpack would be another must-have.

Riding Gear

Check out the stunning range of Wheels Motorcycles boots, helmets, jackets and gloves, from the UK’s leading big bike dealership where you can find everything you need. It is always best to go for top quality gear, which should last you a lifetime if treated with some TLC. Leather is the best protection for a rider and many serious riders invest in a one-piece set of leathers, while others prefer a separate jacket-trouser combination. Hiking boots are ideal, as you kill two birds with one stone; they have the ankle support you need for riding and are ideally suited for your expeditions. The most important piece of kit is your helmet, which should be of the full-face variety, or open face with goggles, if you are riding off-road.

Stunning Natural Beauty

Sadly, many Brits take the great British countryside for granted and rarely visit; not so for the extreme biker-adventurer, as there are many great regions to explore:

  • Devon & Cornwall
  • The Lake District
  • East Anglia
  • North Wales
  • Yorkshire Moors
  • New Forest

The Internet hosts a wealth of information if you are looking for travel destinations and Google can help you source National Parks and campsites, while Google Maps can safely get you there. Click here for tips on planning a long road trip, which will come in handy.

While strictly a summer activity here in the UK, you can still enjoy 5-6 months of rural adventure, if you aren’t afraid of a little rain and despite the many towns and cities, there are still places you can go to get away from it all.

Check out the list of National Parks in the United Kingdom, which can be the basis for your travels. If you follow the rules, which are there to protect the wildlife and environment, you can have a lot of fun in these protected areas.

With the right bike, the right gear and a desire for adventure, you are ready to start an exciting new chapter of your life.


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