Diving Into Some Great Winter Travel Ideas For When The Quarantine Ends

By admin / June 29, 2020

We’re all feeling pretty cooped up, sad, and disappointed by everything that’s been canceled by social distancing.

As we approach the end of June, travel numbers are less than a quarter of what they were last year. Canceled plans have unfortunately become the common denominator that unites people across the world.

In these times, it’s important to stay positive and look forward to what’s to come when quarantine is finally over. For example, why not daydream of taking a big vacation when the winter hits? A little optimism might be just what we need to make it through these next months.

Read on for our best winter travel ideas when quarantine is over.

Beating the COVID-19 Blues with Winter Travel Ideas

It’s no secret that people are feeling pretty bummed about spending the summer in quarantine. While it’s necessary for our public safety, it’s hard not to feel lonely and stir-crazy as more months pass.

Plus, June is pride month, and many are feeling sad to be missing the parades and other festivities that define summer for the community. For more information on that, read here.

Bali, Indonesia

In our opinion, the best winter travel ideas involve beaches, lush greenery, shallow pools, and rushing waterfalls.

Bali, Indonesia is famous for all of these, making it one of the best travel locations for those seeking an island getaway.

Plus, the most popular travel times for this destination tend to be in April-October, so you won’t have to deal with crowds as much as you would during the summer. Just be prepared for some rain, as the island will be in its wet season.


Surfing, pink sands, and clear blue waters sound pretty good right about now. You’ll find all that and more on the island of Barbados, where you can lounge on the beach, catch some waves, and enjoy rich cultural landmarks such as the Barbados Museum.

This island is one of the best winter travel ideas if you’re seeking perfect weather, too. The climate in January is typically warm and dry, with very little rain.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If an island getaway isn’t on your radar, picture a trip to Amsterdam. The weather is cold but generally mild, averaging in the 40s. Be sure to catch the spectacular Amsterdam Light Festival through January 19.

The Florida Keys

Some of the best winter travel ideas can be found right in the United States. The weather in the Florida Keys is gorgeous during the winter months, with typical temperatures ranging in the 70s. Plus, there are tons to do, including fishing, water sports, beaches, and winter festivals.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the best winter travel ideas for its sunny and mild weather, rich cultural destinations, and canal cruises. Plus, Chinese New Year in Chinatown after January 25 is a must-see.

Plan Your Winter Getaway

Quarantine might be the reality for now, but it won’t last forever. To beat the blues and get through the summer, start planning your winter getaway today.

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