Discover The Magic Of Bali, The Island Of The Gods

By admin / July 12, 2018

Bali is, among all islands in Indonesia, is the most touristic one. This, together with the hospitality of the Balinese people, makes it a suitable destination for all types of travelers looking for a different experience: backpackers, adventurers, lovers of exotic destinations, family members or gourmets. Everyone will find in Bali what they need to satisfy their needs and tastes.

Although it may seem the opposite due to its small size, Bali is much more than just dream beaches and temples (there are more than 10,000). On this island, there are many things to do and visit: typical villages, rice plantations, lakes, volcanoes, dance shows…

Incredible landscapes and pure nature

Bali has all sorts of incredible natural landscapes, from rainforest and mountain landscapes to waterfalls, beaches, cliffs and even volcanoes that are a luxury for the eyes. The biodiversity that it contains allows us to know unique animal species in the world. If you like nature and exotic animals, Bali is your destination.

2. The most spiritual Bali

If you have seen the film Eat, Pray, Love, you will surely get an idea of the spiritual background of the Balinese culture, which is transferred to customs such as always living in the same house because they consider that the energy must be conserved, cleaned and healed in the same place, even after death.

In addition, all Balinese houses must have an external space and an internal space dedicated to prayer, which is usually materialized in small altars where daily offerings to the gods are made every day.

3. Culture and gastronomy for all the senses

One of the peculiarities of Balinese gastronomy is that it provides an authentic journey with the senses: sight, smell, taste, touch… and that there are no tables properly speaking. The Balinese eat with their right hand directly from the fountain from which all the guests are served, so they do not use cutlery, although in the tourist places they do offer them.

Although different dishes are eaten in each area of the country, the main ingredient of the Balinese diet is rice and is accompanied by prawns, chicken, pork or vegetables. Generally, Balinese food is not spicy, so are the sauces or side dishes.

4. Rice paddies, an example of sustainability

The famous terraces of the rice plantations are an example of sustainability, beyond being an important tourist attraction. Whole families can support themselves by employing all members in the cultivation of rice: planting it, extracting it, purifying it or drying it not only to feed on it but also to sell it.

5. Activities and accommodation for the most demanding travelers

In Bali, there are countless resorts and 5-star hotels located on the most beautiful beaches that meet the needs of the most demanding guests. Dream resorts and a thousand and one leisure activities in an idyllic setting.

Whether you’re traveling alone or as a couple, you’re on your honeymoon, with friends or the whole family and want to wake up every morning with spectacular views but you’re not sure why you should stay in Bali, check out the the Sol Beach House Benoa, an all-inclusive luxury hotel that has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years.

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