Calgary Guide: 5 Awesome Things to Love About This City

By admin / September 6, 2018

Calgary Guide: 5 Awesome Things to Love About This City

Whether you’re a visitor or a local, there’s plenty to love about the city of Calgary. Check out this Calgary guide for 5 of the best things about the area.

If you think that the western stereotype is still applicable to Calgary, think again. Calgary is a modern and innovative city home to over 1.16 million people making it the sixth largest major city in Canada. It also hosts over 7 million tourists annually.

What makes Calgary so great to live in and visit? Whether you’re thinking of moving there, visiting, or even if you already live there, check out this Calgary guide for 5 things you’ll love about Calgary.

1. Beautiful Natural Surroundings

Calgary is blessed with gorgeous mild weather even in the colder months, which makes it a prime spot for real estate.

It’s also close to the Canadian Rockies, which opens up a whole world of adventure activities.

You can go for hikes in the beautiful mountains, camp in the multiple nearby national parks, fish in natural lakes and rivers, go rock climbing, and even ski at nearby resorts.

2. Food and Restaurant Culture

Within the city itself, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants and foods to satisfy you no matter what you’re craving. While the whole city is teeming with delicious food options, you should definitely check out the East Village.

This area is reminiscent of Brooklyn and has everything from retail shops to restaurants to apartments. Go there for the coolest coffee shops, awesome bars, trendy brunch spots, and more.

3. The Calgary Stampede

People come far and wide to witness this 10-day fun-filled summer festival that plays into the western roots of the community. You can see concerts, country music performances, free pancake breakfasts, rodeos, and the famous chuckwagon races.

4. Parks and Walkways Galore

Not only are the natural surroundings of Calgary gorgeous, but the city itself is known for beautiful parks, walkways, and urban spaces. It’s great for walkers and bikers alike with a network of flat walkways through main parts of the city, through parks, and more.

You also won’t be missing the feeling of nature even if you’re in the middle of the city. Parks and greenery are all over the city, which makes Calgary feel open, breathable, and natural even though it’s a large urban center.

5. Calgary Comic Con

If you’re looking for specific things to do in Calgary for a trip or just a fun weekend activity, check out Calgary comic con. Calgary hosts one of the most famous conventions for “nerds” inside all of us. See adults and kids alike dressed up as famous comic and video game characters, visit booths, and get the newest scoop on nerd culture at this awesome convention.

The Ultimate Calgary Guide: 5 Things to Do in Calgary

If you’re thinking of living in Calgary or want to visit, we know you’re going to love it. This Calgary guide only goes over 5 of the hundreds of reasons why you’ll love this modern and unique city.

If you want some more travel tips before you jet off, we’ve got you covered. We have informative articles on everything from international travel to road trips on our blog.

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