6 Infant Travel Essentials

By admin / March 9, 2020

Are you about to undertake your first adventure with your baby? Congratulations! Welcome to the exciting world of family travel. The good news is, infants can be the best travel companions you may want to have. They do not complain and disturb like toddlers do and do not need their full-size bed or a separate plane ticket.

The bad news is thinking about what you need to pack: “What if I forget something?” “What are the most crucial things I need to buy?” You might be used to traveling light and independently. But when your baby is your companion, you need to have answers to the questions. Every little thing is essential when traveling with an infant.

It is best to have a detailed list that carefully shows all the baby essentials. Together with that, keeping some tips in mind will allow you to travel with much ease and peace of mind. Keep reading below for the best tips.

1. Check with your pediatrician

If you are planning for an international adventure, it is always wise to check with the pediatrician at least two weeks before to monitor if the child would need any extra immunizations. Depending on your destination, your child may need to have access to certain vaccines earlier, like measles, or to take a particular medicine.


2. Pack light: milk, diapers, and clothes

A newborn is pretty easier to pack for as they only need breast milk or formula, diapers and wipes, clean clothes, a blanket, and, most importantly, you. If you need to use a breast pump, keep in mind that it is considered as medical equipment and can be brought onboard without being included in your carry-on allowance. Ice packs, freezer packs, frozen gel packs, and other devices are also accepted in your carry-on.

It is essential to bring a baby stroller for your baby, but for a newborn who does not exceed 10 pounds, a sling or baby carrier of some kind will work better than a stroller.

Buy diapers and wipes at your destination. Travel with enough diapers to get you to your destination and maybe extras for a day or two after you get the bearing.

The clothes you have in your bag might not be enough if your infant ends up dropping something on the clothes of diaper leaks accidentally. It is vital to have extra clothes on hand for a quick change.


3. Changing station, blankets, and disposable bags

Changing your baby’s diaper while still traveling may be a difficult task. A small foldable changing station to keep the baby will provide you with ease to dispose of the dirty one and replace it with a new one. Also, blankets are vital for any infant travel. They are used for several purposes, right from laying your baby down to using them as a comforter, for covering your infant or even the window in case of strong wind.

For used diapers, spilled over clothes, burped hankies, you’ll need a common storage to place them without mixing them with clean ones. It would be best if you always used disposable bags for this purpose.


4. Car seat safety

The car you are traveling in should be fitted with an infant car seat. This is important in ensuring the safety of your child when you are traveling. Get one that clips in as the seat on your stroller. Get a quality baby car seat to avoid crossing paths with the law enforcers.


5. Sanitation devices(nail clippers, inflatable bathtub, and disinfecting gel)

No matter the situation, it’s best to keep your baby’s nail short and clean. The clippers should double up as a utility tool if needed as well. Since you are away from home, the place you decide to stay may not have the cleanest bathroom or tub for your infant. Carrying an inflatable tub is crucial; you can easily set it up and give your baby a gentle body wash while staying compact in your luggage.

Infants are prone to dirt at any time, instead of rushing to the basin every time; carry a sanitizer to quickly clean your hands and the infant’s, before looking after them.

Most importantly, don’t forget to carry a thermometer in case your baby falls ill during the adventure. Recording their temperature and having constant communication with your doctor can help you take the appropriate action right away.


6. Infant paperwork

Your baby requires a folder with all his or her travel-related paperwork done ASAP, so carry the folder always when you want to travel. If you are travelling locally, you might not need any documentation for your infant, but it is better prepared for any situation that may arise. This documentation advice is mainly fair if your baby has a different last name than you, or appears to be of a different race.

If you are traveling internationally with your baby, a passport is a requirement for him or her. Getting a visa means you require the child’s birth certificate, passport photos, etc. Have your entire baby’s paperwork with you for a smooth journey.

A few additional tips will be crucial in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for you and your infant:

  • Always prepare in advance and make a list of all the things you require to carry.
  • Pack medicine and liquids in a separate plastic package.
  • A nightlight should be your friend during travel.
  • Keep your infant clothing separate from your belongings.
  • Carry a travel charger and an extra battery.
  • Have an emergency phone number on you for your infant at all times.


Travelling is a whole new experience for the baby, and it is great if they get to enjoy it too. By ensuring a few things are set right and providing comfort and the infant’s hygiene at all times, you and your baby can have a wonderful time together.

Create beautiful memories of your travels with the infant. Take lots of pictures and write down some memorable moments. Your baby may not remember these trips in detail when they’re grown up but will cherish the idea that you took them on joyful adventures.

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