5 Destinations that Allow You to Recreate the Movies

By admin / August 14, 2020

If you love movies, then it’s natural you might want to incorporate them into your vacations at some point. Luckily, there are lots of destinations around the world where you can indulge your love for the movies by taking in some of the iconic locations.

The great thing is these destinations aren’t just great for movie lovers, they’re perfect for the whole family and will keep everyone entertained while you enjoy your passion for movies.

New Zealand

New Zealand has come to be one of the most famous destinations in the world for movie buffs thanks largely to “Lord of the Rings.”

The stunning backdrop to the movies is even more breath-taking in real life and your spoiled for choice for which attraction to visit. Treat yourself to one of the fantastic tours on offer and indulge the Lord of the Rings fan inside you.

Asides from all its movie history, New Zealand is a must-visit country, so cross both things off your bucket list.

Los Angeles

If you love the movies, then you simply have to visit the home of all the action – Hollywood. We’re so used to seeing that iconic sign perched on top of the hill, so get out there and see it with your own eyes!

Hollywood is the center of the Western movie world, and if you’re a serious movie fan, then it’s somewhere you’ve got to visit. You’ll be treated to great weather and all the glitz and glamour of the movies.


From the modern scenes of James Bond movies to the classic backdrop of “Notting Hill,” there are endless movie sites to see in London.

It may not have the weather of Los Angeles, but there’s still tons to see. Even if the rest of your family don’t share the same enthusiasm for the movies, there’s something for everyone in this city with tons of history, great nightlife, and easy travel around the whole of England.


Another of Europe’s great metropoles, the beauty of Paris, has been the backdrop for many a movie throughout history. With classic scenes from “Last Tango in Paris,” all the way through to modern movies such as “Inception,” you can put yourself in the movies and recreate some of the famous scenes.

Asides from its movie pedigree, Paris is also known as “the city of love”, so why not bring someone along and make it a romantic getaway?


Lots of big movies use Chicago as a backdrop, but none more so than the iconic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

Let’s be honest, every kid wanted to take an epic day off school like the one Ferris did, and with a quick tour of Chicago, you can do the same. Catch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, visit the Art Institute of Chicago and take in this fantastic city.

You might not be able to stretch to a Ferrari to ferry you around like Ferris had, but you can still have fun recreating this classic movie.


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