4 Southern California Hidden Gems You Need To Know About

By admin / March 1, 2019

Most tourists visiting Southern California choose the popular destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Disneyland. This is a shame since there are so many incredible places that you can visit. There are even some fantastic accommodation deals for all-inclusive luxury resorts through agencies like Capital Resorts Group. You can definitely enjoy what these top tourist destinations have to offer but there are also other great spots to consider, like the following true hidden gems.

The Channell Islands

Even people living in California often miss these islands. Channell Islands make up a national park in the US and are reachable from Oxnard through a really short boat trip. You will surely need some supplies with you as this is a travel destination for those that are adventurous. Also, you should be in shape since there are many stairs to climb to get to the top of the stunning Anacapa Island. Views are tremendous and many hiking opportunities are available.

If you decide to visit, try to do so during summer since this is when bright wildflowers burst out and you can enjoy baby sea gulls literally everywhere. You want to visit Santa Cruz Island too for some historic sea cave diving and kayaking. Dolphins are also around.

Huntington Botanical Gardens

The gardens are located in Pasadena and are practically an estate where you can find numerous gardens covering 120 acres. You will surely debate what the best one is with your friends but those that are surely top contenders are Rose Garden, California Garden and Japanese Garden.

At the Huntington Botanical Gardens you can also visit a surprisingly impressive art gallery filled with paintings, decorative arts and sculptures dating back from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There is even a library that is much larger than expected.

Ventura County Wine Trail

California wines are renowned all around the world but it is Napa Valley that gets most of the attention from tourists. If you want something more remote and you want to avoid the crowds, try Ventura County. There are around 20 tasting rooms and wineries that can be considered, together with numerous wine tours. Obviously, you can also choose to create your very own tour. This is actually a really good idea since there are some extra small attractions that you can enjoy and that will make your trip a lot better.

Laguna Beach

Last but not least, this beach town is at the middle point of the trip between San Diego and Los Angeles. There are around twenty scenic coves to discover, with many activities like snorkeling, whale watching, kayaking and surfing available. While surfing is definitely something that is tough at Laguna Beach, you will not regret the trip since the scenery is more than worth it. There are also some beautiful galleries, shops and restaurants you will want to try.

If you decide to visit, be sure to consider Heisler Park. It is a great place to start a hiking adventure featuring numerous coastline views, all with the background sounds of the waves.

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