3 Important Tips for Safe Traveling During COVID

By admin / November 23, 2020

Traveling during COVID went from being on virtually no one’s radar to a hot topic of conversation in just under a year. The outbreak and ensuing pandemic have changed our way of life with no end in immediate sight, despite recent encouraging developments on the vaccine front.

That said, the problem isn’t going away ahead of the holiday season. That’s why now is a good time to discuss some travel safety tips if you plan on hitting the roads before the end of the year.

Going Virtual

Before we get too far into the travel safety suggestions, we should emphasize that traveling during COVID is not yet at a safe point. You might want to consider virtual holidays with loved ones through apps like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

Many video messaging services have loosened their restrictions on time for the holidays. It’s worth considering if you have some high-risk relatives you would still like to see on those special days.

If you’re not going virtual, then make sure you exercise caution in your travels. Here are three tips and one bonus to get you there and back safely.

1. Bring More Than One Mask

If you travel during COVID, you absolutely need to wear a mask. It doesn’t matter if you’ve gone one week or one day. The longer you are gone. However, you should consider packing multiples.

After all, masks protect you from the elements but can become contaminated over time. Having a clean change and a way to wash can ensure your face is always protected.

2. Fewer People Per Car

Another aspect of how to travel during COVID is to take multiple cars and ride with fewer people in each vehicle. Communicate stop-points ahead of time to ensure safe travels and on-time arrival at your destination.

3. Keep Washing Those Hands

The safe places to travel during COVID are not safe at all if you forget your hand-washing etiquette. All the experts agree that COVID has an aversion to hot water. Washing your hands with soap and warm water regularly will help limit the transmission of germs.

Always wash your hands after using the bathroom or before eating a meal. Whenever you have to handle books or shake hands, find time to stop by a restroom or a sanitation post to refresh.

Bonus Tip: You Cannot Oversanitize

It’s a good time to invest in hand sanitizers through stores or online shops like Preppers Discount. That’s because you simply cannot over sanitize with COVID.

Keep some in your car, your home, your office, and know where all the sanitation posts are in stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. Above all, definitely take some with you when you travel.

Safety Precautions Are Vital When Traveling During COVID

It’s still not the best time to be traveling during COVID, but you can limit your exposure to it if you think ahead. With the holiday traveling season now upon us, make it a top priority. For more travel and health information, check out some of our additional posts!

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