10 Amazingly Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

By admin / November 10, 2020

Since Spartan times, men who were about to marry celebrated the night before. The parties featured tons of food and alcohol. As time passed, these pre-wedding parties grew into wild, drunken nights on the town.

Women, on the other hand, didn’t wild pre-wedding parties until the 1960s. Fast-forward to now, and the wife’s bachelorette party is usually more adventurous.

Why do wives have more fun during their wedding celebration? Stress relief. Planning a wedding takes a toll, and a party helps everyone relax before the big day.

To make planning your bachelorette party easier, here is a list of unique ideas. Write down your favorites in your wedding notebook.

1. Venture Out on a Day Cruise

Why stay landlocked during your big wedding celebration? If you’re hosting a beach wedding, embrace the theme and hit the water.

You’ve got a few options for exciting day cruises:

  • Booze cruise
  • Boat parade bar hopping
  • Snorkeling tours
  • A pirate cruise
  • Sunset dinner cruise

Whatever you plan, make sure to keep your guests well informed. This way, no one forgets their swimsuit or nice dinner clothes.

2. Create Art With Your Loved Ones

For the bride who lives and breathes creativity, plan an art party. Display your creations during the wedding reception.

A popular bachelorette party option is a drink and draw class. During these tipsy classes, you’ll learn how to draw clothed or nude figures. If you can’t find a drink and draw class, look for a wine and paint class.

Pair up a wine and paint class with a pottery class to make it an all-day event. You can choose from learning how to throw or painting pre-made pottery.

3. Walk Down Memory Lane

Everyone enjoys a good love story, so why not tell yours in a unique way? Draw up a bachelorette road trip featuring key places from your life together.

Plan stops at places like:

  • The location of your first kiss
  • Where you went on your first date
  • Where your partner popped the question
  • Your favorite weekend getaway

If you want to stay local, do the same thing but in town. Wrap it up with dinner at your favorite local restaurant.

4. Enjoy a Proper Afternoon Tea Service

An afternoon being treated like royalty is a perfect way to celebrate your big day. Let the real world melt away while you enjoy a lavish tea party with friends.

Tea services are known for their delicious finger foods and rich desserts. Tea isn’t the only beverage served during the service, though. End your afternoon tea with a round of Champagne toasts for the bride-to-bed.

5. A Night on the Town With the Girls in Las Vegas

If you want to let your hair down during your bachelorette party, head to Las Vegas. The city offers a wide variety of entertainment options for those who don’t gamble.

Brides-to-be with a wild streak might try a rock climbing session in Red Rock. For those afraid of heights, try a bike tour through Bootleg Canyon.

If you prefer a party atmosphere, stick to the strip. Find a hotel packed with entertainment and dining options.

The Venetian or The Bellagio make gorgeous backdrops for bachelorette party photos. Both hotels offer a wide range of restaurants, clubs, and shows.

6. Escape the City for a Girl’s Glamping Weekend

The best way to relax is to get far away from the wedding planning for a few days. Leave it all behind, put your phone on airplane mode, and have fun in the woods.

Upgrade your camping trip and turn it into a glamping trip. Rent out yurts or permanent tents for a fancy camping experience. Some units come with stoves, so pack food to make your favorite camping meals.

To treat yourselves, opt instead to rent a cabin by a lake. Don’t forget to rent a boat, too. It’d be a shame to not hit the water at least once.

7. Host a Beach Party With Family

You decided to have your wedding in a far-flung place with gorgeous beaches. But the travel costs drained your budget, and there’s not much for a bachelorette party.

The answer’s right in front of you. Use the beach as your party location!

To keep the budget down, ask guests to bring their favorite local dishes. Talk to people around town, and you might find an affordable band or DJ to hire.

8. Leave the Chaos Behind and Go on a Spa Retreat

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics for your bachelorette party. Spa retreats offer your bridal party a quiet space to unwind. The facial treatments will make everyone glow during the wedding.

While at the spa, take care of yourself from head to foot. Save the mani/pedi for your last day, though. You want the polish to stay fresh for the ceremony.

9. Tackle Your Fears Alongside Your Bridal Party

Do you feel like getting married means you won’t have a chance to do wild things? Take the time to get them out of your system before the big day.

Tandem skydiving is a safe way to test your limits. A qualified instructor walks you through the entire process and jumps with you. Ask if they take in-air photos so you can bring home proof of your bravery.

10. Create a Dessert-Only Restaurant Tour

This idea is for the bride with a serious sweet tooth. Plan a trip to a city with a strong food scene and try as many desserts as you can find.

Is ice cream your favorite sweet treat? How about pies or cakes? Whatever you love, use it to set the theme for the day’s activities.

Take a few breaks during your dessert tour to enjoy the city. Spend an hour browsing a museum before you tackle your next sundae.

Go Wild With Your Bachelorette Party Plans

There are no rules stating what you can and cannot do during your bachelorette party. The goal is to have one last celebration of who you are before things change. So even if you think your party idea is weird, go for it.

Share this list with your bridal party. Let them help you plan the most memorable day ever. You won’t regret spending a fun afternoon or a weekend with your loved ones.

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