Why You Should Not Immediately Worry if You Have Low Web Traffic

You create a website because you want to attract people to visit it and find out more information about the available products and services. Another reason is that people can make an immediate purchase after visiting the website. Therefore, it feels great if you see that the site is receiving high traffic. It means that many people feel interested in what you offer, or at least curious about it.

However, it does not mean that you need to freak out if you have low traffic. It could mean many things, and you can still find a way to fix the problem.

High traffic does not mean a high conversion rate

Just because people are visiting the website does not mean they are going to buy right away, or that they intend to buy any time soon. Some of them decide to open the site and close it immediately if they find nothing exciting. They might also realise that they are not necessarily the right people for the products and services you sell. You need to focus more on the conversion rate. It indicates how many people visited the site and purchased items. Even if there are not a lot of visitors, but most of them decided to buy, you can still call it a success.

Traffic does not define an audience group

The number of people visiting the site does not define who among them are in your target audience. It is possible that with the one million visits you received this month, only 50,000 of them could be in your potential target group. However, even if you received only half that number of visitors, the target audience in that group comprises 80% of the total number. It is good news after all.

Traffic does not indicate activity

Any visitor, regardless of the activity done, will be in the traffic count. The problem is that some of them did not necessarily do anything significant while they were on the site. You want to ensure that after opening the website, the visitors did a lot of other things. It is a sign that they might purchase the items in the future.

Stay hopeful

Given these reasons, you need to stay optimistic that eventually, your business will succeed. You might want to focus on increasing traffic, but you also need to understand the other indicators. You do not want to rely on traffic alone to determine the status of your marketing campaign.

You also need to go outside of the realm of digital marketing. Try giving out free merchandise like custom printed towels if you want to improve your appeal to your target audience. These people also want to receive something for free from you. Although you are giving them quality products and services for a fee, it is still different when they receive something without having to pay for it. Look at different ways to boost the popularity of your business using all platforms.

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