Why longtail keywords render excellent results in niche businesses

By admin / June 25, 2019

The right keyword selection has become synonymous with SEO and digital marketing, but did you know there are quite a few types of keywords. Most digital marketers are familiar with the importance of keyword selection, yet are longtail keywords being into account?

The term ‘longtail keywords’ can be quite easily be misunderstood and can be interpreted to be the number of keywords that are typically used in a search engine search. The term longtail keywords relates to the search volume they produce.

Understanding all of terms used in online marketing can seem quite daunting at first, however completing a digital marketing course is of great importance when it comes to the success of your SEO and digital marketing efforts.

Why longtail keywords are important

Ignoring the importance of longtail keywords is not advisable as this is a great SEO tactic. Longtail keywords usually get less traffic however is likely to increase conversion rates as the search is more specific. Longtail keywords should definitely be part of your overall digital marketing and SEO strategy.

Longtail keywords explained

Although less common that single keywords, longtail keywords are more specific and focus more on a niche business. Main keyword selection focusses directly on your main business theme, and many keywords can be used. Longtail keywords also improves your ranking because fewer sites compete for with longtail keywords. The longer longtail keywords are the easier it is for them to be ranked and find an audience for your niche business. It’s also important to note that when using longtail keywords it’s a good idea to use natural spoken language, as this is the way most searches are typed in, so keeping things natural is the way to go when it comes to selecting your longtail keywords.

Longtail keyword benefits

Having a lower competition rate with longtail keywords in itself is a huge benefit to your SEO and digital marketing campaigns – the world wide web is a big place. Longtail keywords also tend to be more cost effective than broad keywords as there are more likely to be fewer people bidding on them.

Here are a few more benefits of longtail keywords.

  • Improving audience connection – When people search with longtail keywords they’re more likely to convert to a customer as their search would display a better match for the niche business they were searching for, which ultimately increases your conversion rate.
  • Better than broad keywords – As we’ve discussed longtail keywords are more specific therefore are more likely to perform better than broad keywords.

Research the right longtail keywords for your niche business

The very core of your business and even your mission statement can help you choose the right longtail keywords. Be careful to keep your longtail keywords in line with what your business actually does and the service it offers.

Make sure you undertake sufficient research on similar business to find the perfect longtail keywords that people are most likely to use to find your niche business.

Increasing in popularity

There’s no doubt that longtail keywords are increasing in popularity with digital marketers, bloggers and SEO managers. There’s no confusing techno science behind this, the reason is simply that people are leaning more towards typing in exactly what they are looking for when using the search engines. This makes sense as this type of search will yield a more detailed selection to match the longtail keywords.

Choosing longtail keywords

As with most forms of digital marketing there’s no one solution that fits all and choosing the right longtail keywords can seem quite daunting but start by taking a closer look at what your business is offering. Pick out your unique qualities and benefits over your competitors and focus on this when selecting your longtail keywords. A vital point to remember here is to keep your selection unique.

There are many keyword selection tools available online these days, however, don’t keep your search contained to these aids. A lot of research to add extra words to your search term will go a long way to selecting the right longtail keywords to improve your SEO.

Don’t forget to use Google’s autocomplete feature in your longtail keyword research as this can spark off great ideas in terms of what people use when searching for a business like yours.


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