Why Is My TV Not Working? The Complete Guide

By admin / February 8, 2021

Is your TV not working?

Few things can be more frustrating than having a broken television set. You come home from work after a long day, and you start to wind down only to find that you aren’t able to watch your favorite show or movie.

It’s infuriating, we get it. Luckily, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common issues that might be occurring with your television and ideas on how to fix them.

Hopefully, one of the ideas below will touch on something you’re dealing with and help you get everything back into order.

Troubleshooting Your TV Not Working

The first thing to note with TV problems is that there are so many different styles of television available right now, that some could be so specific that you need to call the manufacturer.

On the other side of things, TV issues are typically pretty common across all TVs. In most cases, it doesn’t have much to do with the actual television at all, but the connection to your method of watching things on it.

In extreme cases, you might have to seek out TV repairs. Let’s start with the most common issue of all time; static.

If Your Screen Shows a Single Color or Static

It’s easy to want to throw your remote across the room when you try to use your television and every channel and input just shows a blue screen or a static image.

This issue happens when there’s a difficulty with the connection and not when there’s necessarily anything wrong with the television itself. This is good news, considering that repairs to televisions can be time-consuming and costly.

That said, sometimes it’s necessary to get fixes to the screen and antenna repairs when all else fails.

To fix your static screen troubles, try taking a peek at whatever it is that your television is connected to. If it’s the cable box or a streaming device, make sure that it’s plugged in correctly and turned on.

It’s easy to bump one of those inputs and jostle it out of place without thinking. When you’re sure everything was turned on and in place, try unplugging the chords being used and plug them back into the device and a different input on the television.

So, if it was plugged into “HDMI 1” on the television, try swapping it to “HDMI 2.”

If Your Television Keeps Shutting Off

Another issue that people have is that their TVs just shut off almost instantly or at different points throughout the time they’re trying to watch something.

The first thing to look at in this case is whether or not you have a sleep timer set on your television. You can just flip to the settings and you’ll see a section for timers and displays.

If you don’t find that section easily, it’s likely that your TV doesn’t have that option. These timers can be faulty, or they can be set to repeat themselves on and on until you turn them off.

So, you might find that your television shuts down 45 minutes into watching every day and think that it’s just broken when in reality it might just be a simple settings issue.

Lines and Streaks Across The Screen

It’s almost impossible to watch television when there are significant interruptions to your screen. A common disruption is the presence of lines and streaks across the front of the screen.

These could result from an aging screen, although most old plasma screens will begin to break down in single frames rather than across the entire screen. Instead, your streaking issue is likely the result of one of two problems.

First, a dropped screen might get damaged and result in these kinds of streaks. Second, your screen could be in close proximity to a magnetic field of some kind.

Make sure that there aren’t any objects directly next to or under your TV that could be having an intense magnetic effect. You probably wouldn’t think of this factor normally, but it’s true that a strong magnetic field can do a number on your screen quality.

Issues With Image Quality or Fitting

Another inhibition to enjoying your television is when the image is poorly displayed on the screen.

This is typically the result of some kind of shift in the settings. When your screen is particularly dark, for example, you can normally go into the video settings and brighten things up a bit.

We tend to notice these things when we move the television into a different room or move into a different house where there’s a different amount of light interacting with the screen quality. You might think that you dropped the TV in the move and just damaged the picture.

In reality, it might just be that the screen appears dimmer in its new location. Go into the settings to see if you can adjust things like brightness, hue, vibrance, and more.

Another issue that comes up a lot is how your television is presenting a particular image in terms of how it fits into the screen. Sometimes, different devices will display an image as smaller or too big to fit on the screen and that can be very frustrating.

It might even be the case that this kind of shift happens without you switching devices or making any changes on your own.

In this case, you might be able to go into the settings and adjust the presentation style to allow things to fit a little bit better. Unfortunately, though, these situations might be better helped by a call to your cable or streaming provider.

In a lot of instances, those shifts are a result of a fault on the companies end or an adjustment to their products that you were unaware of. Giving your provider a call should help to clear those issues up.

Need More Help With Your Devices?

Are you still having issues with your TV not working? Whether you’re wondering how to fix a broken TV or just need a little help getting yours to work. We’re here to help you with more ideas that could help you troubleshoot and come to a conclusion.

Explore our site for more ideas on how to get past technological hiccups, improve your lifestyle, and a whole lot more.

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