Twitter Is Bringing Back The Chronological Timeline

By admin / October 31, 2018

When we look back at the time when Twitter was launched, what you could see then was the tweets appearing in a chronological order. The chirpy look cherished by many seems to be making a comeback on your screens soon. If you remember, you could see the latest tweets from people you followed which would be followed by the older tweets. As you scroll down the log, you would find the older tweets arranged in a reverse order. 

The year that clipped the bird’s wings

In 2016, Twitter changed the existing order and people saw their timelines go haywire. Tweets could be found in chronological order, but Twitter’s algorithms quite likely messed with it. A lot of users started complaining that certain tweets were automatically gaining more prominence than others. 

How Twitter wants to redirect its flight

The latest buzz is that Twitter is willing to consider the user complaints seriously now as indicated in a series of tweets from their Support Team. The highly followed social network has indicated that they are working towards establishing a way with which you can possibly switch between a timeline of tweets that you consider relevant and a timeline that highlights the latest popular tweets.

Already put to action, you can probably see how Twitter has changed the way the “Show the best Tweet first” option works for you. Earlier, despite un-ticking, this option would continue showing recommended tweets or those that you missed out. However, now with the latest alterations, you will be able to see just the tweets appearing in their chronological order.

The brains behind the network claim that this had already been in their blueprint for a while though it seems to be coming shortly after a tweet concerning the workaround went viral.

Are you ready to welcome back the chronological timeline?

You may witness a mixed reaction even among users yet it’s a decision that most people would welcome. Even though most of you must have got habituated to seeing the random tweets on your screens forced into your timelines, it may not mean that you like it that way. Even if Twitter seems to take a late call, it certainly looks like a positive move for the majority in the flock.

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