Top 5 Digital Design Tips for Aspiring Graphic Artists

By admin / July 11, 2018

Top 5 Digital Design Tips for Aspiring Graphic Artists

Are you interested in digital design but aren’t sure how to get started and hone your skills? Here are our top 5 digital design tips for aspiring graphic artists.

Looking to get into digital design? Smart choice!

Graphic designers are in demand, make great pay, and are one of the most flexible jobs out there. As many as one in five are self-employed.

Demand for graphic design is only growing, too. By 2020, spending on digital design is set to top out at over $10 billion dollars.

We’ve got five great tips that are going to help you land your dream job. Check out our guide on graphic design for beginners.

1. Keep It Simple

This is probably the most important tips for graphic design you’ll ever learn. Keep your image simple. Don’t overwhelm the viewer.

It’s easy to get excited about adding more colors, graphics, and fonts to your design. Stop before your idea gets too cluttered and reduce it down to the most essential points.

2. Grids Are Great

Using grids to align your images is an old school technique but there’s no doubt it has a place in the digital age. A grid can make your graphic look professional and polished.

With a grid in place, you can create a smooth, visually-appealing layout. Don’t let your pictures float aimlessly in space; use a grid.

3. Colors Are Key

Colors have a huge impact on the way your graphic is interpreted.

Colors have their own sort of psychology. For example, red is seen as hot and passionate while blue is interpreted as relaxing and cool. Do your research into what different colors say.

You might want to use contrasting colors – colors on the opposite side of the color wheel – for a strong impact. Complimentary colors, like different shades of the same tone, add subtle depth to an image.

Colors are also a great way to have consistent branding. Think of Coca-Cola red or Ikea yellow and blue.

4. Pick A Compelling Font Palette

Just as important as your color palette, the types of fonts you use can make or break your digital design.

Your image needs to be legible and clearly convey your idea. Especially so if you’re creating social media graphics and your audience has a limited attention span.

This gets complicated if your design has both a headline and body text. Your headline can be a more creative font with a simpler body text if you’d like.

Overall, the legibility is the most important element. Make sure your fonts say what you want them to say.

5. Take Constructive Criticism

One of the most important tips for graphic design is the same as with most creative fields – learning how to take constructive criticism.

If you have clients, listen to what worked and what didn’t in their campaigns. Show your portfolio to other digital design artists and see if you can pick up some new ideas.

Be flexible and always be willing to learn new things!

Digital Design Ideas

Once you’ve mastered digital design, it can be a great stream of income on the side. You can eventually work for an ad firm or even start your own business.

Want to keep up with the latest in technology? Check our technology blog every day to see what’s going on in the world of tech!

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