The Easiest Way to Make Video with Music out of Your Photos

By admin / June 11, 2021

Photo slideshows with music are the ideal way to organize all of your experiences into a unique collection, display your portfolio, or simply show someone how much you care. Nothing screams love like a visual display of all your best memories accompanied by a pleasant melody. If you are bored and have a few images sitting around, it may also be a fun activity. Whatever the reason, understanding how to build a picture slideshow with music will assist you in creating beautiful art that you will want to share.

Unfortunately, if you do not know where to begin, it might be difficult to get your idea off the ground, which is where we come in. We will put you in the right way for the finest picture to video maker and offer you some pointers on how to make the finest slideshow possible.

Before we begin, it is critical to choose the appropriate audio track for your presentation. If you are looking for some music, explore our catalog of royalty-free music to discover the right song for you.

Platforms to Use


Animoto is one of those internet video tools that everyone loves. It generates amazing presentations by incorporating photographs you have supplied into a predefined design. You may also submit your own music or utilize Animoto’s music library. The only disadvantage of using a free account is that your slideshows will be watermarked, and the maximum length of your presentation is thirty seconds. The quality of the presentations, on the other hand, speaks for itself, and the step-by-step guidelines make the procedure simple and painless.

Adobe Spark

Adobe has long been regarded for producing high-quality tools that enable you to do high-quality work. The same is true with Adobe Spark, yet mastering it does not need years of effort. In truth, all that is required is a brief introductory video on the Adobe Spark home page. Even without the training video, the slideshow creation tool is simple to use. You may choose from a variety of layouts, upload your own photographs, and add music to your creation.

Any Video Editing Software

If you want to add a bit more flair to your video, consider utilizing video editing software. You can produce picture slideshows with music in almost any editor, from Adobe Premiere Pro to Windows Movie Maker. Sure, it takes a bit more time and editing skills, but you have complete control over your slideshow. You may add your own effects and transitions, animate your photographs, and edit and edit them anyway you like. Here are a few editing platforms that will do the work to put you in the correct way.

Movavi Slideshow Maker 7:

Movavi Slideshow Maker 7 is a flexible picture slideshow software product that will produce decent results in minutes and exceptional results as you get more familiar with its tools and capabilities. There is a helpful montage wizard to get you started, and that may be all you need for most of the slideshows you end up making – this is incredibly easy to use, yet having all the markings of a true video editor.

You can also overlay music, which is drawn from your computer’s collection, and mix in films with your photographs if you wish to create mixed media. Movavi outputs to all of the most popular picture and video file formats, so you do not have to worry about compatibility, and you can save directly to a YouTube channel or – if you want to share on other social media – to Google Drive. What about the disadvantages? Some people may never utilize many of the capabilities and could get by with a free tool, but anybody serious about creating a high-quality presentation would appreciate what Movavi has to offer.

PhotoStage Slideshow 8:

PhotoStage Slideshow 8 is one of the most affordable and user-friendly alternatives for producing slideshows. It lacks a few capabilities that you could find elsewhere, but it has more than enough to allow most individuals to produce fantastic presentations. We suggest it for anybody who will not be using all of the flashy visuals and transitions available in other apps. There are no backdrops, filters, or themes to pick from, but there are a plethora of transition effects. This includes more intricate transitions such as fading into the following picture in the form of an expanding heart or simply scrolling from one side of the screen to the other.

You may make easy modifications to your photographs, such as cropping and rotating them, as well as modifying the contrast, color, and brightness. In our testing, we found the slideshow playing to be crisp and of high color fidelity. This program supports the most popular audio and video formats, allowing you to add mixed media to your presentations. The one area where this slideshow software falls short is in help and support, but honestly, this application is so simple to use that you will not need to contact anybody at NCH for assistance.

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