How technology has revolutionized online gaming

By admin / January 2, 2018

Whether you work within the industry, game furiously in your spare time, or have been watching it all unravel from the sidelines, you cannot deny that the evolution of online gaming has been truly remarkable. We’ve come a long, long way since those early days of Doom, Island of Kesmai, and Air Warrior. While those games were seen as technological marvels in their day, they’re nothing compared to the games and experiences that we’re offered today. In fact, these days, online gaming is about so much more than guiding characters through quests. It’s about immersing ourselves fully in entirely new worlds, and experiencing content as if we were there. Technology has played a huge part in revolutionizing online gaming, opening doors that developers might never have considered before.

Technology has…

Created an online community of gamers

The internet’s role in gaming’s ever-changing face is most evident in the MMORPGs that now dominate the online world. While gamers would once have been content to play against those located within the same room, they’re now able to do battle with, and work alongside, people regardless of their geographical location. Technology has shrunk gamers’ worlds and introduced a real sense of community to the pastime. Titles such as World of Warcraft allow gamers to interact with thousands of other players at any one time. Far from the stereotype of gamers being lonely, technology has ensured that online gaming is more sociable than ever before.

Ensured that gaming is available on the move

These days, a smartphone is all you need in order to be able to game; technological advancements have introduced a whole new platform to gaming, in the form of our once-humble cellphones. Mobile gaming provides instant gratification, with numerous opportunities to enjoy our favorite titles on the move. This rise in popularity of the mobile platform has seen some of our favorite pastimes, including casinos and placing sports bets, really coming into their own; current technology means that it’s not only possible but also relatively easy for us to access these online platforms rather than attending brick-and-mortar establishments. Mimicking all of the fun of these establishments, online gaming ensures that we’re never missing out.

Improved our experiences with the worlds that we adore

Technological leaps and bounds have helped developers to improve the graphics, music, and sound effects for countless games, bringing the worlds of Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, and more to life before gamers’ eyes. Gaming content is now more authentic and enjoyable than ever before. While most gamers will suspend disbelief as they play, enjoyment is certainly boosted when we can imagine ourselves encountering certain characters and landscapes as we venture through levels and open worlds.

Helped to guide us through our favorite games

In addition to improving the appearance of our favorite games, technology has improved our understanding and enjoyment of their content. Online walkthroughs have become particularly popular in recent years, as they guide gamers past a series of challenges, foes, and glitches that might otherwise have stumped us. In-game purchases such as virtual weapons and maps have also enriched gamers’ experiences, adding new layers to previously played games.

Introduced a new dimension to gaming

The likes of 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality have been around for a number of years. However, it’s only recently that the hard work and dedication behind their development has begun to be realized with glorious results; still in their infancy, virtual reality and augmented reality have been particularly adept at changing the look and feel of online gaming forever. Augmented reality, for example, has become better at mimicking human behavior, which gives tactical and strategy games improved, realistic reactions. 3D graphics are more realistic than ever, while virtual reality is becoming far more commonplace in reaction to technological advancements.

Expanded the industry’s accessibility and potential

There can be little doubt that technology and the changing face of the internet have improved the gaming industry’s reach and popularity; it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to access online gaming content. With so many free browser games and inexpensive add-ons, gamers are spoiled for choice. What’s more, developers are being encouraged to up their game – literally. The wealth of knowledge and experience now at the hands of the gaming industry is pushing every boundary imaginable and ensuring that players always have something new and exciting to get their pulses racing.

What is the future for online gaming?

Every year comes a new top tech gadget list, displaying more devices for gamers to play their favourites on. Luckily, because of these new devices and with all the new technology out there it is safe to say it has completely revolutionized the face of gaming in the last 20 years, bringing a multitude of opportunities and experiences to gamers and developers alike. From improved graphics and sound effects to a wider sense of community, gaming on the move, and cheaper and more accessible content, no corner of the industry has been left unchanged by the sweeping waves of technology. Where online gaming turns next is anyone’s guess, though collaborative gaming, community virtual reality, and the rise of indie studios look set to shake the industry to its core – to gamers’ delight.

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