How Gambling Has Changed With New Technology

By admin / March 19, 2020

Although not in the form we recognise it as today, gambling has actually been around for hundreds of years, and some games have been around for longer. With the rise of technology, gambling has changed dramatically over the last few years, but how exactly has new technology impacted the way we gamble?

The Internet

Before the internet, gambling was primarily done at brick-and-mortar venues around the world, dependent on the country’s laws of course. As the internet grew during the mid to late 1900s, many companies began to work on what would later become the first few online casinos. Following them were independent game developers, looking to create and launch games for casino websites.

Both the websites and games were rudimentary in design due to the lack of technology supporting them. Most games around this time were built featuring simple gameplay mechanics and lacked the special features found in modern-day games now. What’s more, the games were developed via Flash, software that is no longer compatible with most devices now.

As computer software and the internet developed, more game developers and online casinos began to appear. Games began to change too, featuring new gameplay mechanics as well as improved visuals. Today, game developers continue to push the boundaries by creating new gameplay mechanics such as Big Time Gaming’s MegaWays engine. Meanwhile, UK casino sites quickly launch sister sites to their parent product that feature unique designs and attract different clientele.

Smartphones & Mobile Devices

The rise in popularity of smartphones changed the online casino industry dramatically. These technological advancements pushed for more portability, allowing users to play wherever they want and how they want. Although most of these games were incompatible to begin with, the huge surge in smartphone and tablet use has forced developers to ensure that all new games and casino sites are mobile-compatible.

Studies have suggested that most online gambling now comes from mobile devices rather than desktop or laptop computers. As tech giants dropped Flash support from its devices, game developers were required to begin developing games in HTML5 to support mobile devices.

Over the last few years, most casino operators have stopped developing mobile apps for smartphone devices. Instead, operators have chosen to work on ensuring that their online casino brands are compatible via internet browsers, ultimately offering players a wider selection of content.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a brand new piece of technology that allows users to experience a simulated environment. Generally referred to as VR, virtual reality has experienced rapid growth over the last few months and has slowly become available to the general public. Tech giants such as Oculus, Google, Samsung, and even Sony PlayStation have all released their own virtual reality kits over the last few years, and it’s only expected to become bigger.

Gambling developers have begun turning their attention towards VR too. Popular game developer NetEnt has released two virtual reality video slots which drop players directly into the action. Meanwhile, online casino Videoslots has developed its own virtual reality casinos which players can move in and interact with. The technology is still limited in its current form, but is expected to grow within the next few years so its likely that more developers will begin to utilise the technology for some groundbreaking new casino games.


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