Four Useful Ways To Use Social Media in Marketing

By admin / January 16, 2019

There is no doubt that social media is kind of a big deal. When you consider that Twitter has over 300 million active users and the other big social media giants like Facebook or Instagram show similar figures, then it is clear to see how important it is in everyday life. It is not just catching up with friends that it is great for though, many businesses now use it as a key part of their overall marketing strategy.

Being present on the right social media channels where your customers hang out helps to keep those you have and engage with new ones. When used as part of a marketing plan, this can help your business grow in the long term.

Cool ways to use social media when marketing

Social media is pretty easy to use and to get a handle on. That does not mean it is a breeze to market successfully through without the right approach. Here are some tips on how to use social media properly when marketing.

  • Use it to upload product or company videos – video marketing is a big player in modern business – indeed, in the USA alone the video marketing sector is worth $135 billion! People now respond better to watching content rather than reading it. The great thing about social media is that you can easily upload any video content that you create and capture your audience’s attention. Just remember to create the best social media video marketing content first so when your target audience does view it, it hits home.
  • Connect with influencers – social media influencers are those present on social media platforms who have lots of followers who take notice of what they say. Very often this can be big name celebs or respected figures in their field with millions of people listening to them. In terms of marketing your business, this is very powerful. Use social media to connect with relevant influencers to help reach more people.
  • Engage with consumers directly – another great way to use social media in your marketing efforts is to simply talk to people directly. This will allow you to build your brand awareness with more people and on a truly global scale. It will also give you the chance to deal with any problems or issues quickly to help build up customer good will.
  • Inform consumers of latest news or offers – social media is great for getting the word out quickly and cheaply if you have any special offers or events coming up. Using it in this way to let the public know of your latest news will not only help to attract more business but also make your organization look more vibrant.

Social media is a great marketing tool

Since it first took off, social media has grown to become one of the best marketing tools to use in business. Not only is it free to set up accounts on the major platforms but it is also easy to use and helps you reach lots of people worldwide. The key to making the most of it in business is using it to market effectively – hopefully the above tips will help you do just that.

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