Can you play slot games on social media?

By admin / July 2, 2021

If you haven’t heard of social media then where have you been hiding? Over the last 20 years or so social media has truly taken over society – it’s extremely rare to find someone not on some form of social network! This may make you wonder – can you play slot games on social media? This is an excellent question, and we know the answer so read on to find out more!

So…can you?

The answer is simple – yes! You absolutely can play slot games on social media – check out . Social media started off simply consisting of basic text-based websites. However, it wasn’t long before people figured out how to program games for social media, and eventually it became commonplace. There was only one true winner when it came to social slots and that was Facebook. Other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter specialize in text and image media, but not games. Facebook is definitely a great choice to get some slots fun in your system – some of the most popular examples include:

– Holy Moly Slots

– Slots of diamonds

– Creepy Slots

These are all great slot games to play on social media, but there’s something we haven’t told you yet and we’re not sure you’re going to like it…

What’s the catch?

Although you absolutely can have fun playing slots on social media, there is a couple of pretty major issues. Firstly, Facebook does not endorse gambling, and if you were hoping to make some cash on social media slots then you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, every slot that you can play on Facebook doesn’t involve real cash and are generally known as ‘play for fun’. The good thing is that this means that they are all totally free to play, but we’re afraid there is more bad news. There’s several reasons why you might want to avoid playing slot machines games on social media:

– The games often are not optimised for devices and therefore you might find the games a bit clunky and slow

– The variety is nothing compared to that found on online slots websites

– Let’s be honest – social media doesn’t revolve around slots, but online casinos do! Why compromise when you could play on the best online slots website?

So, what’s the point in playing slots on social media? Well, it must be said that although they’re not exactly what we are used to, they can still provide tons of fun when you’re spending time on social media. Best of all, social medias are all linked up so you can play these slots with your friends online for free instantly! Love it.

Social Slots

Overall, although it absolutely is possible to play slot games on social media, your options are pretty limited. There will be no cash involved but the games are still a lot of fun, so we highly recommend having a quick game with your Facebook friends! However, we have to say that if you’re looking for a serious slots experience, just stick to your favourite slots websites and leave the social media for simple fun!

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