Boost Your Wi-Fi Speed: Step-by-Step Guide

By admin / May 20, 2019

While surfing on the internet, the speed of the wi-fi is critical. However, there are numerous factors responsible for slowing the speed, and sometimes reasons could be more than one. This article will serve as a step-by-step guide to boost the speed of your wi-fi.

Check the Speed of The Internet Connection

If you are using a Wi-Fi, you are using two networks – Home network and the Internet. The two are different with different limitations on the speed.

Home Network – it is Local Area Network (LAN). One can have access to it without moving to the internet. One can use it for in-home sharing files or LAN gaming. When one is not connected to the internet, the home network is controlled by the router. It can be as fast as the router so that the devices connected to it can work.

Understand this; an Internet is just like many other networks having particular access points. A server is the access point for a home internet operated by an Internet Service Provider. It can be accessed via a modem.

When you use a wireless device for internet connection in your house, it connects to the home wi-fi followed by connecting to the internet just outside the home through Internet Service Provider or a modem.

There are three places where speed issues may arise in the Wi-Fi network – modem, ISP or the router.

How Much Speed Should You Expect

When one signs up for internet service, you subscribe to a package with a fixed number of Mbps (megabits per second). The number is the actual speed limit of your frequency. Jot down the number.

One can increase the efficiency and distribution of the speed, but you cannot have faster Wi-Fi than this.

Know the Speed

This step can be accomplished in the following ways:

· Turn off the wi-fi

· Connect the system to the modem via Ethernet cable

· Run speed test

· Pen down the speed score

Check your Modem

When the speed test gives the same speed as subscribed, then there is no speed issue arising out of the modem. However, if it is slower than you are paying for, the problem may be underlying in the modem or the ISP.

Since this article, we are discussing how to boost your Wi-Fi, we will ignore the ISP part.

Clear the modem

If the speed is slow, you may be required to reset the modem. In a few modems, there is a reset button. Press the button till the lights turn off and finally release it. In this manner, the modem should be able to reset itself. When there is no reset button, unplug the power cord. You must wait for some time before plugging it back.

If the speed increases, you have done the task efficiently.

Log in into the modem

Logging into the modem is different from logging into the network. Logging into the network helps to get online and use the internet. By logging into the modem, one can alter the settings connected with the modem.

Follow the steps below to log in into your modem:

· Find the modem’s address

· Get access into the modem’s firmware

· Sign in

Dial in the Modem’s Settings

After logging into your modem, you will see all types of numbers, abbreviations, codes and these are not easy to understand. Though you can change only a few things, before that you need to turn back to the current settings when something changes accidentally.

Open Word document. Copy and paste all the original settings into the document. It is suggested that you accomplish this for every tab of settings.

Follow the steps below:

· Update firmware

· Schedule Restart

· Boost transmission power and speed

Dial in Router Settings

· The router is the center of one’s home wi-fi network.

· Identify the router

· Just like the router settings. It is similar to modem settings.

Additional Router Settings

· Just like a few former settings, you should adjust router settings.

· Change password

· Set router channels

Find an appropriate place for the router

· The router should be placed close to the center of the home.

· Test the range and speed

· Diagnose the router

The above-mentioned steps will help you boost your wi-fi provided by the not only the best internet provider Ontario or others. Just be patient and go ahead!

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