Best Ways to Block Restricted Calls on Android?

By admin / October 27, 2021

Humanity has been engulfed recently in an epidemic of voice spam: they constantly call with offers to take a credit card, connect to another Internet provider, take a survey, etc. What to do if the phone constantly receives unwanted requests? It’s simple – just figure out how to block a number. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to get rid of unwanted conversations.

What are Restricted Calls on Cell Phones?

Number hiding is one of the functions of cellular networks. As a rule, any operator has a paid hiding service, which is based on the network’s ability to skin the Caller ID of the caller. When you receive a restricted call, instead of the number or the name of the caller the phone displays Private Number, Hidden, Anonymous, Withheld, or Unknown number.

How to Block Unknown Calls on Your Android?

Using Smartphone Functions

Most modern mobile devices with the Android operating system have the ability to block unknown subscribers using standard smartphone functions. You need to find the button “Block all calls from hidden numbers” and activate it. Calls will continue to be received, but the owner of the phone will not hear them. And the caller will just hear standard waiting beeps for 60 seconds before the call ends automatically. Another option with a similar result is sending all incoming messages from a specific number to voicemail.

Using Applications

In the app store, you can download applications that will help you block unknown callers. An overview of the most popular blocking apps can be found in the Best Apps to Spy on a Cell Phone article: All these apps don’t take up too much space. And to protect against annoying callers, they use either the no-signal way or the automatic busy line reporting.

Using the Operator

This is an effective method since it completely blocks the hidden subscribers and when they try to call, they are notified that you are not in the network area or unavailable. In addition to blocking a call, this way also blocks SMS. But it is a paid feature.


We have discussed the most useful and working ways. So, if you want the unwanted subscriber to ring but not be notified, the first way will help you. If you want flexible customization, you should download additional software. And to completely block a contact, the last method will suit you. So, knowing how to block a restricted call on Android can save your nerves.

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