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By admin / April 29, 2021

Over the past couple of decades there have been a series of serious changes within the global gambling industry, with the new player on the block – online – providing the impetus for a sustained burst of industry expansion, technological revolution and massive revenue increase. In fact, the online slots and live casino industries account for around two thirds of all annual gambling revenue by now, which is absolutely nuts when you consider that both markets have only really found their feet in the last decade.

Whilst the global appetite amongst gamblers for live casino and online slots has been a major factor in this insane level of market growth, you also have to remember that the developers behind these games are the real ones to thank. Without the companies putting valuable work into finding new technologies to make the live casino world even more exciting, the industry certainly wouldn’t have had as much success as it does today. Read on for some of the best live casino game developers.


If you are an online slots fan you would have almost certainly heard of NetEnt, a developer from Scandinavia that has risen to become the leading light in all things online gambling. Seriously, this company have done it all when it comes to online casino and live casino, they have mountains of experience in the field and it really shows too, which is why so many gamblers trust NetEnt.

Although NetEnt first hit critical acclaim with their incredible run of online slots such as Starburst, Aloha! Cluster Pays and Guns N Roses, in recent years they have also opened up a reputable live casino wing. They make sure that their live casino experience is as suave as possible with well-dressed dealers, and they also flex their pioneering muscles with things like full 3D immersion.


Surprisingly Playtech are the largest provider of online casino platforms in the world, something that would amaze a steadfast online slot gambler, because whilst Playtech is a big name in the slots world, it isn’t on the same level as other companies such as NetEnt or Eyecon. Well, the reason for this is probably because Playtech have been focussing on things like online casino table games and live casino too, and here they have had massive success.

Playtech have been making live casino games since the very start, and are therefore highly experienced in creating a smooth, exciting and lucrative live casino gambling experience. One of the best things about Playtech is how they effortlessly combine themes from their online slots with classic table games such as live roulette.

Evolution Gaming

Whilst most companies dabble in various areas within the online casino market, Evolution Gaming are completely and utterly committed so solely creating the crème-de-la-crème of the live casino world.

Because of their passion and focus on live casino games they are generally called the best live casino game developer around.


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