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By admin / March 11, 2021

We are all aware of the evolution of technology since the 90s taking note of social media and gadgets. And, yes, this evolution came with the uploading of videos on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, hence the increase for the need for knowledge on how to edit videos and which devices work best with video edits hence the main focus of the article is to look at the top five best laptops for video editing. You really can create some awesome videos with your laptop, apart from playing blackjack online games and reading ebooks.

These laptops work best with raw HD and 4K videos. They can trim large videos into small clips yet leaving that high-resolution quality without your work losing quality in the process. For a laptop to be suitable for this kind of work it needs to have a discrete graphics card.

Dell Precision 5540

Capable of handling intense graphics editing applications the Dell Precision 5540 is worth your money. This machine is a beast in this area given its killer graphics and a slim portable design.

Dell XPS

Dell XPS works well with video editing with a 4k display quality. The battery is strong with long-lasting life and the performance is also the best. The processor is XPA 15’S Intel Core i7-10750H beast clearly. The screen is 3840 x 2400.

Dell G5 15

Dell g5 15 is called the best video editing laptop especially for beginners offering a battery that lasts up to seven hours fourteen minutes, you can evn play at best best australian casino sites and stand a chance to win big . If you are looking for budget editing this one is the machine you need as well because it is cheap. The performance of this laptop is out of this world for the price that it comes with not to mention strong graphics.

Alienware Area-51m

If you are looking for stunning graphics, excellent space station aesthetics, and the best video editing capabilities, this Alienware Area-51m will blow your mind. It is powered by a Core i9 processor which makes it “uncrushable”. Let’s not forget the gorgeous design that this laptop has.

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Those who are in search of a versatile design type of work take a look at the Microsoft Surface Book 2. It has an Intel Core i7 processor with a detachable screen which can make it a tablet as well and a battery that goes up to twelve hours

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