5 Reasons to Know How Cloud-Based Software Works

By admin / August 17, 2018

Cloud-based technology will likely to be a significant force in shaping the future of business for decades to come, but it’s more than just a theoretical buzzword best left to engineers. The application for smaller business owners is profound, primarily due to the rising prevalence of software as a service (SaaS) platforms. Due to their inexpensive and modular format and their low cost of investment, they can change the way you do business, but making the most of this new technology means understanding what it can do for you.

Cloud POS Software is the Future of Commerce

When Amazon first launched in 1994, there was a lot of hand wringing about the future of brick and mortar businesses. While the online retail market has certainly changed the face of the physical marketplace, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. But restaurant and retail owners do need to adapt to keep up with the times. Modern cloud POS software is more than just a way to keep track of your transactions. It helps you keep your inventory more accurate, identify the behaviors of your customers, and give your staff better access to handle questions, concerns, and requests. One of the primary benefits of a brick and mortar business is the personalized one-on-one customer service experience it can provide, and cloud POS facilitates that.

It Makes it Easier to Expand Your Business

If you’re looking to expand to a new location, there’s a lot more involved than just the cost of additional rent, but many of these logistical issues can be confronted directly with cloud technology. Since cloud technology stores all of your information online rather than depending on local servers, you can get a big picture view of your operations and shift resources as necessary. Whether that means shifting a few employees to a different store in expectation of a rush or swapping inventory to account for the preferences of customers in each neighborhood, the metrics are all there. Much of the work that would otherwise have to be done by managers on a store by store basis can be handled via cloud software with one dedicated general manager.

Providing a More Accurate Understanding of Inventory

Cloud-based technologies are providing exciting opportunities in inventory management, offering a real-time understanding of a business’ stock. Radio frequency identification readers and barcode scanners can automate the process of tracking your stock on an item by item basis, but this wouldn’t be particularly effective without a cloud-based system to upload the information. When your inventory management system is tied to the cloud, you can get an incredibly nuanced understanding of not just sales numbers but product performance.

It Can Make Your Life Easier

While cloud software can make your operations run more smoothly, it can also help you with your work-life balance. Since all the information you need is in one place, there’s no need for regular call-ins from your management or visits to local stores to get the information you need. You’re free to go where you want when you want and access your operational metrics from any device.

Its Potential is Nearly Limitless

Each year sees more and more technologies get folded into the cloud, creating a wealth of new, affordable opportunities for even the smallest business owners. That means the longer you wait to learn about the technology and incorporate it into your practice, the more quickly you’re bound to fall behind.

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