5 Do’s And Don’ts Of Commercial Product Photography

The reality is that commercial product photography makes a key vital contribution to the success of brands and business online. There is much evidence that excellent quality photos really do make the difference whether consumers buy products from a website. Consumers have shown over and over again by their buying patterns that they are more likely to buy products from websites with enticing, stunning photo as opposed to those sites that have boring, low quality photos. So there are some integral do’s and don’ts that ISA AYDIN commercial product photography seeks to implement each time during commercial product photography shoots in order to achieve the best possible results for clients.

1. Do take photos in a natural type of light.

It is important to take your commercial product photos in a setting that provides an abundance of natural light. Or if you do not have access to such light, do use lighting sources that provide the closest possible thing to natural light to ensure the best results for your commercial product photos. Natural light always sets things off in the best possible presentation by making them stand out and look their best, which is what clients want their products to look like in all the photos you take for them. Photos where the products look the best provide higher sales conversions for businesses. Lighting with poor quality or a space that is too dark can add distortions to the image of your product.

2. Do take photos of the product from multiple angles and various dimensions.

When you are conducting your commercial photo product shoot, it is best to take time to carefully take a wide selection of photos from many diverse angles and several different dimensions. Your commercial product photography sessions should never involve taking only one or two photos of the product straight on. It is a good idea to engage in experimenting with taking photos from different angles, as you will surely discover that some angles can really provide better highlights of the most impressive features of the product. The result will be that the photo will be highly appealing to the majority of consumers that visit the client’s website, which will likely encourage the visitors to buy the amazing product they see in the image.

3. Do make sure that ceilings are high enough in your commercial product photography studio.

The minimum acceptable height for any ceiling in a professional commercial product studio is set at 12 feet. If the ceilings are even higher, that is great. If the ceilings are too low, you will not be able to successfully use overhead lighting, booms or cranes for your commercial product photography sessions. This could result in you not achieving the desired effects in your commercial product photos.

4. Do not get too bold with the background color.

Regarding the matter of the background color for your commercial product photos, it is the best practice to use something that is simple. It is worthwhile to use a pristine backdrop in a neutral shade which goes well with the style of the product, brand and website. This will allow for a good correlation of the images and website.

5. Do not do too much editing.

It is not good to perform too much editing on photos with the usage of photo editors, as they are known to take away from the beauty and quality of the product and they detract from the overall visual appeal. As a result, photo editors can create photos that do not demonstrate the true essence and character of the product. This can lead consumers to believe that they are being duped. Thus, it is best to let the product stand out on its own merit. You can achieve this by adhering to shots that are sharp and clean, without being cluttered up with unnecessary effects.

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