5 apps to boost your coloring skills right on your phone

By admin / February 25, 2021

Adulting and coloring may seem a bit too kiddish and far-fetched. And just before you dismiss, consider the much-needed rest and unwinding you need after a day’s long work. Coloring is a stress-relieving pastime that most adults enjoy.

How so?

The smart or android phone on your hands can give you untold pleasure if you read through the post. The digital world is an arena of possibilities. Today, you can color by number and create impressive masterpieces using various applications to boost your coloring skills.

Who can use these apps?

If you are a painting, drawing, or coloring enthusiast, then this app is your best bet to escape from reality (if only for a short while). Sometimes, we need to get away from updating our social media status and following all the fuss on these platforms.

When such moments come calling, it’s about time to install adult coloring apps to help you start a journey to a world of color, fun, and magical experiences.

Additionally, you’ll relax better, enjoy more restful nights, and manage the daily life stress and anxieties. Creative arts have never been better! Check out the following top five apps for adult coloring.

  • Colorify

This seems to be the most popular and most sought-after coloring book app. Several reasons could explain why its popularity has been rising among adult users. First, it has dozens of contents such as cats, gardens, patterns, floral, mandalas, and even some renowned portraits and paintings for one to color.

One can customize their color palette, save the pieces, and share them with friends. Colorify app also displays other people’s images that you can view for inspiration. If a user wants to see more art paintings, coloring, and features, Colorify has a subscription option.

The variety it offers comes at a premium subscription fee, so you also decide to seek other affordable options and only benefit from the free images it provides.

Once you download the app, you do not need an internet connection to continue using it. You can enjoy coloring offline from anywhere.

  • Colorfit

Colorfit has a variety of coloring and drawing book apps in the market. It does not try to feature everything into a single painting experience. On the contrary, it comes with a different coloring book for each category, such as animals, mandalas, and other themes.

Colorfit apps are all for free except for in-apps that are available for purchase.

  • ColorMe

ColorMe is an equally popular coloring app among painting enthusiasts. It has more than 100 pages of various themes that users commonly seek and few other categories that are not so common. Some of these additional categories include oriental, patterns, and Zodiacs.

ColorMe is a fairly easy coloring app to install and use. Once downloaded, you only need to choose your preferred color; select the shapes to fill in and share with friends once you’re done.

It is relatively expensive, but Google Play Pass can give you access to its free version.

  • Color by number oil painting app

If you are using an android phone, then this is the app for you. This is a rather new and relatively decent coloring book application.

Unlike other coloring book applications, this is not a free form. For every number you get in each section, there’s a number. The artist colors in the numbers. This app has dozens of coloring images notated with paint numbers for a magical coloring experience.

  • Happy Color

Happy color is a paint-by-number adult coloring book app. It is simple to use, making it among the top-rated coloring applications for mature artists. Like other coloring book apps, happy color comes with thousands of coloring images from various themes.

Artists who choose the Happy Color app can access extra free painting pages from Facebook’s community page. Additionally, one can color and recolor images and pictures as many times as one desires.

The painting by color is a surprisingly relaxing pastime as the artist derives pleasure from the masterpiece.

After testing all the other free forms of coloring apps, the Happy color application has the option of a weekly subscription for anyone who wants to explore more coloring images. However, the artist must have a Wi-Fi connection to use this app.

If you have scanned through your app store on your tablet or smartphone, you will come across many coloring apps and feel spoilt for choice. To save you the daunting task, try these five apps to give a touch of magic to your coloring experience.

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