What Are The Health Benefits of CBD? All You Need to Know

By admin / July 27, 2020

CBD has been gaining popularity as a natural aide for many ailments. So what are the health benefits of CBD? It ranges from helping with pain to easing anxiety.

CBD comes in many forms.

From oils, drops, edibles, and vapors, the availability of CBD is expanding rapidly. With its increasing popularity, people are adding CBD into their wellness routines.

Derived from cannabis, CBD does not provide a user with a high, unlike marijuana. Since it does not alter the user’s perception, it is an attractive option for relief while still maintaining a sense of alertness and reality.

So, what are the health benefits of CBD?

From pain management, relieving anxiety, or just providing the user with a more relaxed state, various studies back up CBD as a positive, plant-powered resource to help ease the pain.

If you are skeptical of CBD’s benefits, that is what we are here for. Keep reading as we break down CBD and its health benefits.

CBD for Anxiety Relief

The feelings of impending doom and dread can take a toll on you, both physically and emotionally.

Anxiety occurs from an overloaded brain, for example, from a stressful event in one’s life, an impending project, or sometimes just an overactive neurological response to stimuli.

No matter how it happens, it is an unpleasant feeling that can result in a prescription for various medications. However, this is where CBD comes in.

Though the research is still new, various studies conclude that CBD is effective in reducing anxiety in both animal and human tests.

Some studies suggest that CBD interacts with the parts of our brain that help regulate the anxious feelings we have. This regulation helps our mind relax and feel calmer.

This interaction includes the brain’s serotonin receptor, which helps regulate our mood. When CBD mingles with our mind, it helps regulate and deescalate the hyperactivity that is going on in our head during a panic attack or an emotional breakdown.

All in all, the science behind CBD for anxiety relief is there, and the results have illustrated that many individuals have successfully used CBD to manage their anxiety. Moreover, a CBD case study suggests even more scientific evidence that CBD is effective in treating anxiety.

CBD for Pain Management

The use of CBD is prominent in various types of pain management.

From physical injuries to pains like arthritis, there is a case for CBD as an effective pain reliever.

But how does this work? Well, it’s all in CBD’s chemistry. CBD is an anti-inflammatory, which means that when you are experiencing pain due to inflammation.

Like arthritis or other types of chronic pain, the CBD works to soothe and relax the pain and to work with the neurotransmitters in our brain.

Though the research is still new, the positive results from individual usage have been promising. Additionally, there are better quality ways to get CBD than ever before, so this way, you know that you are getting a lab-tested and approved product for pain management.

CBD For Cancer Symptom Relief and Possible Prevention

As CBD rises in popularity, so does its use case for those who have cancer.

Some of the most substantial Cancer-related symptoms include vomiting, nausea, and chronic pain. These symptoms become heightened for those patients who are going through chemotherapy.

There are a variety of studies that concluded that cancer-patients found their symptoms decrease when treated with CBD. The reasoning behind this is once again the notion that CBD is an anti-inflammatory, and also balances our serotonin production, helping soothe nausea and pain.

Moreover, it is suggested that CBD can combat cancer from forming. In a 2015 study, it illustrated that cannabis users had a 41% less chance of developing bladder cancer.

However, more studies are on the rise. As of now, CBD has been effectively used in managing painful symptoms that are cancer-related. For the future, more studies look promising as CBD is on the rise to prevent cancer from forming possibly.

CBD Can Help With Treating Seizures

One of the earliest benefits of CBD was the idea that it can treat epilepsy.

Since medical marijuana was legalized, its use to treat seizures in adults and children provides positive results. Now, there is more research developing to see if CBD, which like marijuana, is derived from cannabis, can assist in the treatment of seizures.

So far, studies are showing a definite link between CBD and the decrease in seizures. Moreover, since CBD does not provide any mind-altering or psychedelic side effects, it may be a more optimal option for those individuals who do not want to have any adverse impact on their treatment.

Additionally, CBD, as previously mentioned, CBD is an anti-inflammatory and is also rich in antioxidants. This is beneficial in the treatment for seizures, as it allows the brain’s receptors to relax and remain calm, instead of experiencing hyperactivity, which can lead to seizures.

Overall, CBD does the brian well, by working with our brain to produce a more neutral state.

CBD May Reduce Acne

Acne is never enjoyable, and whether you are an adult or a teenager, suffering from skin breakouts can cause a blow to your confidence.

However, more research has evolved, stating that CBD can help in the decrease or elimination of acne. Acne occurs from a wide variety of factors, from bacteria to genetics. However, acne happens when your skin becomes clogged with oil and sebum.

If your skin cells do not rejuvenate, it causes buildup, which leads to acne breakouts. CBD is high in antioxidants, which can assist in the reproduction of skin cells, letting your skin rebuild itself sooner.

Though more human tests are needed, CBD is promising as an excellent, natural, and safe way to treat acne, instead of using harsher chemicals or even prescriptions that may bring on poor side effects.

What Are the Health Benefits of CBD

If you are still wondering what are the health benefits of CBD, look no further than the various case studies cited in this article.

From anxiety, seizures, and even acne, CBD offers a variety of benefits for the user. As more research continues to develop, the benefits will keep coming.

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