Watch Band Materials and When to Choose Them

By admin / June 10, 2019


Watch bands are the most visible parts of a watch. Even when the actual watch is not working, when others see the band, they will acknowledge your fashion taste. Therefore, you need to be cautious with the type of band material. Find one that suits your style and the occasions you usually attend.


It is a classic material that lasts for a long time. It also has a variety of colours and prints. If you purchase faux leather styles, you can have one with crocodile or alligator skin designs, which work for both professional and casual settings.


It is a favourite for casual or sports watches. It is also durable and comes with various features such as shock absorption and impact resistance. It is also moisture resistant. Plastic is a durable material that offers better comfort around the wrist.


These bands are quite similar to plastic in the sense that they are also comfortable and durable. Usually, sports and dive watch bands are rubber due to their rugged features. Rubber is also waterproof, which makes it perfect for underwater use.

Stainless steel

It combines steel and chromium. It is a visually appealing band made from precious materials, making it sophisticated and stylish. These bands are also rust-resistant and stronger compared with other bands. They are perfect for professional settings and formal events. However, you need to be cautious with cheap knock-off items since they do not contain pure elements. Hence, they do not have the same qualities as stainless steel.


You can find a wide variety of materials used for watch bands. They vary in style, prints and colours. You can find one that suits your taste in fashion. However, fabric bands are only appropriate as casual wear. They look too informal in a professional setting.


These bands are a result of having two metals compressed together with the use of heat. It also results in solid and robust material. They are perfect for formal and dress wear. If you do not want stainless steel bands, ceramic bands are a suitable alternative. Both of these materials help make the watch resemble a piece of jewellery.

Finding the perfect band

Given these choices, you now have to decide which of them would match your needs. Make sure that you determine based on your personality and the places you go to. Since some of these bands are not flexible, you can have different watches. You can use one for formal events and the other one for regular days.

You might also want to find watches with removable bands so you can change them whenever you see fit. In terms of price, the pieces that look like jewellery are more expensive, but it also depends on the authenticity of the items.

If you have an Omega watch, you also need to consider the Omega buckle apart from the band to ensure that the band will last long.

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