Turning Up the Romance: 8 Ideas and Date Night Themes to Take Your Date to the Next Level

By admin / October 30, 2019

The average marriage lasts about 8 years. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to divorce, undoubtedly, the most common one is that one or both parties fall out of love.

The sad part is that love is something that can be cultivated with effort. A big part of that effort, for many couples, comes down to the dates that they take the time to enjoy with one another.

If you and your partner’s date nights are starting to feel a little bit run-of-the-mill, spice things up with the following date night themes and ideas!

1. Transform Your Living Room Into a Sensual Spa

Having a great date night doesn’t have to mean spending a great deal of cash. If you have a roof over your head, you can transform your common area into a sensual spa that you and your partner can enjoy all night long.

Spa date night themes are popular because they’re easy to execute, affordable and are filled with back rubs, indulgent treats and in some cases, deeper sensual experiences.

Champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, scented candles and dimmed lights are all musts for this concept.

2. Enjoy a Night Filled With Art

There’s nothing like a little bit of culture to bring you and your hubby together.

If you’re both lovers of art, consider starting your late afternoon by admiring the barista art that your local Starbucks server might be able to treat you to. Armed with your cup of coffee, head to a local museum and enjoy expertly crafted paintings and sculptures.

Finally, filled with that inspiration, grab some take-out and go home so you and your partner can eat while sketching one another!

3. Relive Your First Date

A date night theme that’s a right of passage for long-haul couples is the classic “back in time” date. During these dates, you and your partner relive your first date and do your best to account for every detail.

Go to the same spots that you went to, eat the same food and even wear the same clothes if you can. You and your partner will have a blast reliving past memories and reigniting that initial spark that brought you together.

4. Dress the Part

No matter which date night themes you choose to pursue, do your best to dress up for the evening. Sure, going on a date wearing your favorite pullover sweater and sweat pants makes for a comfortable outing. If you really want to leave an impression on your partner though, a little bit of effort goes a long way.

By dressing in your nicest garbs for your night out, your partner might be so impressed by how you look that they’ll be tempted to go to this homepage and rent you a limo for the evening to complement your movie star style.

5. Go Camping

Imagine being able to sit under the stars with your lover surrounded by nothing but miles of wilderness. There’s something about that picture that screams romantic.

To get the most out of your date in the woods, bring lots of fun foods that you can heat over the fire. You’ll also want to arm yourself with your best campfire stories.

6. Volunteer Together

It’s a special thing when you and your partner don’t mind making your time about helping others. As a matter of fact, through assisting those around you, you may find yourself more in love with your partner than ever.

Volunteering date night themes are easier to make happen in larger cities since there are likely more opportunities to lend your time. Even in smaller towns though, with a little bit of planning, we’re sure that you can coordinate some sort of activity that can have an impact on your community.

7. Go on an International Adventure (Without the Airfare)

There’s likely a place in the world that you and your partner have always wanted to visit. If you can surprise your partner with an extended date to that place, go for it. If you can’t, you’ve still got options!

For example, if your partner has always wanted to go to Paris, you can start your date early by eating at a French bakery. You can then pop into a French museum, cooking class or other relevant cultural spot for a fun afternoon.

Finally, in the evening, watch French cinema or cook dinner while listening to french music.

The more details that you can put into your international staycation, the more special your evening will be.

8. Get Henna Tattoos

Do you like the idea of (sort-of) immortalizing you and your partner’s love? If you do, head down to your local henna tattoo parlor and get your partner’s name inked on yourself.

The fun part about temporary ink is that you can get any kind of tattoo that pops into your head since you’ll be able to wash your design off in a few days. For added excitement, skip getting your partner’s name and instead, let your partner pick a surprise tattoo design that you won’t look at until it’s done.

No Matter Which Date Night Themes & Ideas You Run With, It’s the Thought That Counts

Only you know what your partner loves. Take that knowledge and integrate it into whichever date night themes and ideas that you choose to run with.

If you put time into crafting a date that you think your partner might find special, no matter what happens, we’re sure that your lover will appreciate your effort.

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